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HATRIA LIF.ST Shower Tray Ceramics 90X70 w/waste


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Ceramic shower trays featuring removable easycare 90 mm drain trap. Square-shaped drain cover. Flush-with-the-floor or floormounted installation.

Assembly with drain trap on opposite side to wall, non-glazed side opposite drain trap. Siphon drainage (Y1D5) not included.



A shower that transforms into an incredible moment of pleasure.

The Lif shower trays with square cover (Lif.ST), or with round cover (Lif.RO), thanks to sizes of up to 160 cm. and to the ultramodern design, transform the shower environment into a veritable centre of wellbeing.

Lif includes shower trays with various shapes, dimensions and thickness for all space and installation requirements. From square 80x80 and 90x90 to rectangular with two depths, 80 and 70, the latter available in lengths of 90, 100 and 120. The ceramic version has a thickness of 6 cm (Lif.ST and Lif.RO), while those Lif.ST in Heavycril® for installations at floor level have a thickness of 4.5 cm.

Heavycril® derives from a combination of acrylic and natural materials. It’s a product with a surface that’s pleasing to the touch but also robust like stone or ceramics. Lif.ST’s large-size elements (140x80, 150x80 e 160x80) have been developed in Heavycril®.

To facilitate the lowered drain installation has been developed, useable on all Lif elements of 60 mm.


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