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BERLONI FORM vanity block cm 96 Rovere brujes



In the Form collection, wood effects, design, functional shapes and bold styling work together. The layout design has been studied with extreme rationality, selecting finishes based on natural chic inspiration. The materials present innovative elements and a style that blends both contemporary and tradition feels.
The FORM collection is a series of €œone-piece€ units featuring 3 types of ceramic wash basins in different sizes + crystal glass + mineralmarble wash basins. The special feature, however, is being able to create a two-tone result with doors/drawers and carcass, which are available in IDROLAM (18 mm thick) with the finishes Sukupira, Brujes, Metz, and dark or light Tranch©, or with matt or gloss lacquered finish in the colours from the BERLONI BAGNO range.
UNIT FRAMEWORK The units feature sides that cover the door / drawer, a style known as €œinset door€, the handle is created directly out of the door / drawer, where it is shaped and then covered with an aluminium trim.
CERAMIC TOP There are 3 types of ceramic top, known as PR - NR - ZR, each with a large basin and eye-catching design, available in 3 sizes for the PR basin, 4 for the NM basin and also 4 for the ZR basin.
CRYSTAL GLASS OR MINERALMARBLE TOPS Crystal glass with 2 types of basin, OVAL, SQUARE, and MINERALMARBLE, especially designed for this collection with 2 variations for tops with white gloss finish for mineral€ and all of the colours in the gloss/matt lacquered range by BERLONI BAGNO.
COLUMN UNIT WITH OPENING TOP This is a special type of column unit with single door and 103 cm high. It has an opening top that conceals a make-up compartment and mirror
COLUMN AND MIRROR UNIT This is a column unit with mirror unit with door and internal shelving with steel edging, a mirror, an upright LED bar and socket and switch, which join the traditional column and mirror units.  
NB.: The price includes the whole composition as exposed in our showroom except for the tapware and accessories.

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