Minimalist bathrooms have been in trend for quite a long time. This philosophy values the simplicity, the order and the lack of accessories.

The more free from objects and items you have in your bathroom the better. Less is more, as simple as that.

Let’s see together which are the steps to follow if you wish to have a minimalist bathroom.


Keep it simple

We will never get tired of saying this three words. Minimalist design is based on simplicity. The simpler the vanity and furniture in your bathroom the better.

For example, one single large, important mirror could be everything that is necessary to dress the bathroom. It captures the light in the room and it doubles the space.


Natural materials and colours

Wood is one of the materials mostly used in the minimalist decoration style. Nowadays you can find in the market a wide choice of excellent porcelain stoneware simil wood finish, such us Marazzi’s Treverk collections or Casalgrande Padana wood effect collections.

All materials that are natural are more than welcome.

The same happens with colours, neutral, warm colours work very well with minimalist bathrooms. Even more so if you place a simil wood floor.

These warm colours connected with nature will help you create a beautiful, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.


Give importance to natural light

The importance of natural light is another key of the minimalist design. The more natural light into your bathroom the better.

If you have a small window, then try to use a big mirror and transparent shower screen to deceive your eye.

Remember that if you can see through then the space will seem bigger and brighter. Do not forget to keep the least amount of elements and accessories to make things work.


Give extra value to your shower

One of the last trends in minimalist shower decoration is the use of rain showers with chromotherapy and waterfall option.

Through the use of one single element you combine different features and have a small, personalised SPA in your bathroom that will certainly help you relax at the end of your day.


Use plants

Putting a natural detail, such as a plant, is also important in minimalist decoration. The green can give that extra touch to your bathroom and help you soften the whole environment.


A minimalist bathroom will show simplicity and elegance. The combination of sober natural colours and natural elements will give your bathroom the distinction you are looking for.