Whenever we have guests at home, we want them to feel good, as if they were in their own house, isn’t that right? Then, why shouldn’t we decorate our guests’ bathroom to look pleasing and inviting to help them feel comfortable and at ease?

In this project we applied a few fresh ideas for the decoration of our guests’ bathroom. Let’s give a closer look together!


Put some colour in it.

We all know that colour influences people’s mood. Including a touch of bright colours in your bathroom is always a wise move. Your guests will be happy and full of energy.

An example of a nice colourful tile is Marazzi’s collection ColourUp in all its possible colours: Orange, white, yellow and so on.

Attention to natural light

A bathroom which highlights and gives importance to natural light is an element to take into account. The bathroom is no exception and the use of colour should be linked to this.

Small details make the difference

Small rolled towels, a nice positive sign, scented candles, toothbrush and toothpaste can give your guests’ bathroom that extra touch.

Nice vanity with storage space

It is important that your guests have space to put their things. The latest trend in vanities, from GB Group is a wall hung vanity with push/pull drawers, a nice wide mirror and basin and enough space to place things.

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It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small or big, if you put into practice the tips we have just mentioned, then your project will be perfect and your guests will feel welcome and at home.