Decorating Ideas

Who doesn’t love summer? The warm sun, the light marine breeze and the long walks along the beach with crystal water and white sand. Summer means relax, and relax starts in your beach house.

If you are one of those fortunate enough to have this relaxing spot to spend holidays, weekends or simply escape from everyday routine, here is some advice for choosing the perfect bathroom furniture to enjoy a refreshing bath in a simple yet comfortable environment.

The first advice is that your beach house should not be a copy of the one in the city nor a messy box of old, outdated furniture. Even if you have a limited budget you can change the whole appearance and style of your bathroom with simple ideas and a good dose of originality.

You need to carefully consider which colours to use in your bathroom remodelling. Remember, it is not advisable to use dark and extravagant colours but to use simplicity, choosing natural textures present in the surrounding environment of your house.

Feel free to choose all shades of white, beige and of course blue: the protagonist of your landscape.

You can visit our website and browse among some interesting options here that we used in one of our projects. 

Once you have selected the colours, our second advice is to choose a light wall tile for your bathroom, from absolute white to sand or beige and then you can just indulge with the selection of the vanity and other bathroom accessories.

It is better to focus on clean lines and timeless vanity models, avoiding the boredom effect and feeling of old-style bathroom.

Choosing a decoration for your shower or shower box, will give your bathroom a personal, beach house touch. We have an excellent selection of shapes, size and colours of CeraSarda you can view here.

Fundamentally, the main colour should be white and all its shades, from ivory to chalk white, adding details in blue, beige and a slight touch of coral.

If you feel like going the extra mile with your bathroom decoration and personal touch, you can always play with accessories and details including sea fantasies such as boats, seashells, fish and so on.

Remember, the remodelling of the beach house bathroom should be done with sobriety, giving the idea of a friendly, cosy and simple atmosphere, with charm and mystery.