Decorating Ideas

The bathroom can show vanity and femininity. Even a small bathroom can become a personalized room without having to do great changes. Even a tiny thing or a modest detail can change the appearance of the bathroom to fit your style …

Here are the tips to create an all-female bathroom!

We've made a simple list with suggestions and tips to turn a simple bathroom into an all-female bathroom, more elegant and glamorous.

First you should carefully consider the style you want to choose. Remember that there is no right or wrong choice. You'll have to focus only on your needs and preferences and the aesthetic impact you wish to create.

You don’t need to worry about the size of the room since nowadays companies offer a wide variety of options and you’ll find many oportunities anyway.

Once you have a particular style in mind, the next step is to carefully select the vanity. Usually, a classic style is much more feminine and elegant.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more modern, young or fresh style, then you’ll need to focus on modern vanities with light female colours.

We know, at this point, that many of you will choose pink or light purple. However, if you’re not in this group, then remember you need to choose the colour that better represents your personal vision or taste.

There is not female or male colour, but the colour that better suites your style.

In addition to the vanity, you may opt for a change in the shower box or shower screen. If the bathroom is big enough, you may also consider a bathtub.

Having set up the shower area, the next step is to look for a nice mirror, as big as your vanity and if possible including lights. If lights are not included in the mirror, remember you may need to add them to make the bathroom brighter and suitable for your make-up moment.

Going back to the vanity and basin selection that we consider as the central aspect in this project, there are in the market a wide variety of options such as under or above counter, semi recessed, self rimming or inset vanity basin. 

Some vanities come with shelves or columns with doors for you to place your bathroom stuff. Others do not have this possibility.

One of the Italian companies that focus in tradition and innovation and may offer you a perfect feminine vanity is Arbi. Over the last 25 years Arbi's has put into practice a synthesis of experience, advance production and tecnology and excellent Italian design. 

You can find many of Arbi's products here.

You can choose among a more contemporary and linear design, or something more classic or elegant, that is up to you. You only need to take into consideration your taste, your budget, the space and how to give your bathroom your own personal touch.

It doesn’t take much to create an all-female bathroom: just to establish a style, a couple of colors and start making changes based on your imagination. We're here to help you achieve your goal, simply give us a call.