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With so many opportunities to work online, more and more people in Australia are working from the comfort of their own homes instead of going to the office every day. But if you want to be more productive in your private space, you need to think about its design and functionality. These ten tips will help you create an inspirational home office!

Separate Working and Living Areas

1.Separate Working and Living Areas

If you want to increase productivity while working at home, it is essential to separate work from leisure both mentally and physically. Transform one of the spare rooms in your house into a home office or split one of the larger rooms into two smaller ones. Even if you have tiny space, you can still divide it into a working and living area by using a curtain or a room divider. If you have a terrace, consider transforming it into a closed balcony and making a cosy office with large windows that provide sweeping views. Having something other than a computer screen to look at is good for your eyes and your brain.

Choose a Quiet Spot

2. Choose a Quiet Spot

If you have more than one option, choose a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed by noises from the kitchen, bathroom or your living room. Ideally, you will be tucked away in a room which isn’t busy and there aren’t too many distractions. And if you have to work in your living room or any other busy spot, you can use noise cancellation headphones to mentally isolate yourself from the surroundings.

Make Enough Space

3. Make Enough Space

Make sure you have all the space you need to ensure maximum productivity. If you need a large work surface, your priority should be a big desk. If you need a large mood board, then make space for it on one of the walls, and if you need a big shelf to fit all the important books or tools, install it close to the table so that you can easily reach it. You may also need some extra space to stretch in between sections of work. Can you fit in a yoga mat by the table? Is there enough space for a comfy sofa where you can lie down and make a break? Can you adjust your table so that you can work while standing up? Try to maximise space you have and make a functional layout.

Ensure You Have Everything You Need

4.Ensure You Have Everything You Need

Before you start designing your home office space, make a list of things you need. Apart from furniture and computers, you will also need a number of other things such high-speed internet access, a network router, printer, personal server, stationery, storage units and electric plugs (you need to have enough plugs for all the technology and lighting in your office). And if you don’t want to rush to the kitchen every time you are hungry or thirsty, it is a good idea to make a supply of healthy (or unhealthy) snacks, a mini fridge for cold drinks and a kettle for making tea and coffee.

Invest in a Comfy Chair

5.Invest in a Comfy Chair

Everyone who has to spend many hours in front of the computer screen every day knows how important it is to have a comfortable chair. A chair that supports your back and your legs are really worth a splurge! But before you decide to spend a lot of money on an expensive chair, make sure to try out different styles and find out which one really works for you. For some, a padded vintage-style chair is a dream and the perfect addition to a rustic office, while others prefer something modern and Hi-Tech.

Make Your Working Space Inspirational

6. Make Your Working Space Inspirational

We all know that a home office should be functional and equipped with everything you need to do your job. But whatever it is that you do for a living, it is helpful to create a cosy and inviting space that will actually motivate you to work. Add a personal touch to your home office and fill it with things you find inspirational such as artwork pieces or posters, photographs, sculptures or prints featuring motivational messages. The less cluttered your work area is, the more productive you will be, so make sure everything is neatly arranged and that space has a nice flow.

Choose Colours That Will Increase Your Productivity

7. Choose Colours That Will Increase Your Productivity

The choice of colours is important too, especially when it comes to large surfaces like floors, walls, ceilings and desks. It is believed that bright shades such as orange and yellow can boost your creativity and pale blues can help you focus and concentrate better, while darker shades are more likely to make you feel tired and vibrant colours may cause nervousness. Think about which colours make you feel more inspired and motivated and use them as your basic shades. Finishing touches can be in complementary colours of your choice.

Surround Yourself with Greenery

8.Surround Yourself with Greenery

You will create a healthier and more inspirational environment if you add a few plants to your home office. Not sure which plants to choose? Succulents are easy to maintain while dracaena, ficus and spider plant are best known for their air cleaning properties.

Think About the Lighting

9.Think About the Lighting

Your home office should be filled with light. Ideally, it will have large windows and plenty of natural light but it is important to position your computer screen well in order to avoid reflection. You can increase the natural light by strategically adding mirrors to the room. If your office is dark, then you need to invest in quality lighting that will brighten up space. Adding more ambient lights to your working space also helps if you like working after the sun goes down or if your room simply doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

Consider Creating an Outdoor Working Space

10. Consider Creating an Outdoor Working Space

Working in an outdoor space may increase your creativity and it is much healthier to have a home office with fresh air! Consider adopting a shed, a garage or an outdoor room into a comfy, sheltered workspace equipped with Wi-Fi, electricity plugs, comfy chairs and tables. It is worth investing in outdoor coolers and heaters so that you can use this space even when the weather isn’t ideal.


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