Decorating Ideas

Kitchens are the heart and soul of your homes. They share a very important part of everyone's lives as all our kitchens are filled with personal emotions and family memories we like to share.

If we think about it, there has always been that specific part of our homes where to prepare food. We can say that it is an indispensable and compulsory room to have in a family home. Over the years, however, the importance of the kitchen has changed. It is now a social an active point of every home, it is where not only you can simply cook and but also where you can meet friends and spend good quality family time.

This is the reason why the design of a kitchen should not be tied to an actual trend, a colour, material, finish or size.
The design of a kitchen should be the reflection of your personality and not just a copycat of something you have seen somewhere.

The design of a kitchen is a lot more. It is your emotional space, the expression of your inner desires when it comes to how you will be using your kitchen, your quality of life, your personality.


Even if you don't like to cook, you can't deny that the main reason to have a kitchen is to prepare meals. Whether it's your daily meal, breakfast or dinner, a special dish or a simple snack, you can always have a better control of your ingredients, quantities and taste if you have everything at your fingertips.

This is what a kitchen is about, sharing with your family, your partner, children or parents, your friend or simply enjoy some alone-time all by yourself.

In order to achieve this fundamental role, your kitchen should have what it takes. An adequate design and distribution, that allows you to make it more comfortable and efficient and have everything at hand and organized. It is of no use to have all the latest appliances and features if you have no room where to chop your onions or nowhere to put your groceries.


Arrex, Italian kitchens and a Cipriano exclusive, will give you the quality and comfort you need to make your kitchen routine more pleasant and enjoyable.

Their drawers pack, for instance, will give you no efforts to open, their pullout options will not let you do contortion to take something out of a corner cabinet.

Here at Cipriano, we can help you put together a kitchen with a good design that will help you maximise its use. We'll show you which are the kitchen accessories that can really make your day-to-day kitchen life easier.


Personality is what defines a kitchen. Our advice is to imprint your kitchen design with your particular and unique personality.

Visit our kitchen showroom in Byron Bay to look for inspiration. That is one of the best ways to start your design and find your own style.

Remember, your aim is to find your emotional space, not simply a copy and paste of other designs. Think about your colours, materials, finishes, dimensions, etc. Consider which ones are a must have in your kitchen and will help you live your kitchen in a better and more efficient way.

Let us give you a hand and find out together what is best for your kitchen design. Let us guide you to your own, emotional space where all your kitchen dreams can become true.