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If your house is not the biggest one in the neighbourhood, don’t throw it away just yet – there are so many things you could do in order to turn it into your own personal piece of paradise!

Whether you’ve always planned to expand it, or just introduce it to some new family members, it’s time to do something about the lack of space. But, sometimes people get used to their home, the neighbourhood and all the memories they’ve created, and they simply can’t move. That is why you need to think about some remodelling projects that can transform your place into a property that’s more appropriate for you and your family.

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Open up the space

The main problem in most houses is too many walls that create confusion and make your small home seem even smaller. If you tear down only one wall, you will instantly get a much bigger and more open space. This works best if you want to connect the dining room and the kitchen into one large open space that’s going to be perfect for family gatherings and entertaining, and you’ll be able to hang out with your guests while cooking.

Another great idea is merging the living room with your outdoor area – this is an amazing way to create a natural flow between your indoor and outdoor area. Just be careful about tearing down the walls and always consult the professionals to see whether it’s safe to remove them or not.

extension homes

Reorganize the space

People usually have a tendency of over-cluttering their homes, from the bedroom and kitchen to other parts they rarely use. If you don’t use your home office on a daily basis, for instance, consider repurposing it and turning it into a second bedroom or a guest room. Many homeowners prefer the former option and thus give their family enough space and privacy, which is something everyone is going to enjoy.

The basement is also a great source of space and it can be used in so many ways, but only if you plan everything in advance. If you want to create a space for your children, this is a great option because they’ll have privacy and it’ll be like a small apartment just for them.

extension homes

Addition basics: up or out?

Building a house extension is a big trend in Australia, and more and more people are going for this type of house renovations. Basically, there are two options you can choose from – building up or building out, but whichever option you pick, your home is definitely going to get a ton of new space.

This is a perfect way to add more space and modify your house without spending too much. Australians are aware of this demanding project, so they always call reputable home builders from Sydney to help them finish this expansion. It’s important to find the experts who know how to successfully run the whole project and help you get the results you wanted.

extension homes

Add windows

This is the easiest way to create an illusion of space and also add more natural light that creates the same effect. See which rooms need more light and find space for a few additional windows which will open up the room. Apart from that, replace your old windows with new larger ones and you’ll get the more natural light right away.

Upgrades like these are the most frugal ways to open up the space and make your interior airier. If you have an outdoor area, think about installing a glass sliding door and connecting your indoors with the outdoors – in the end, you can even upgrade your patio with some big glass windows that are going to look amazing.


The key point you should always have in mind is keeping a natural flow throughout your entire home – you should be able to walk through it without being stressed about the amount of space. Keep the design of the extension similar to the rest of the house to prevent making it look odd, and try to make everything blend in together. Think about your family’s needs and try to work the design around that idea. And remember not to rush into a big renovation project without knowing exactly what you want to achieve in the end.


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