Decorating Ideas

We have concluded the first half of the year and can positively say that White and Grey for your bathroom reno is the colour combination of 2018.

This duo is becoming an increasingly clear trend and it is here to stay for several years to come. It appeared timidly a few years ago and now we find it in all our rooms, in different materials, combinations and shades. 

Going back to our bathroom decor, it does not matter if your bathroom is small or big, we all know that decoration in light tones is essential when it comes to light. With fewer elements and using a neutral colour combination, you can create a comfort and timeless bathroom.

On another side of the grey trend, several of our clients have decided to go for a total white bathroom renovation: basin, storage vanity, toilet and bathroom accessories, all white. The result is stunning as you can imagine. Not all whites have the same hue, so the difference is slight but present.

The feeling of spaciousness, simplicity and cleanliness is unique. You can add some green with a long leaf plant or colourful towels, for example. If you wish to go beyond your boundaries, then choose a wood look tile for the floor and you'll have a Nordic-looking bathroom practically effortless.

The other great majority of our clients opted for the grey-white combo, 2018 winner. The end result is a modern looking and timeless bathroom.

Let's review some of the options for your white and grey bathroom reno ideas: 

You can have the bench in grey with a modern polished cement look. As we usually say, classic design with modern technology which gives you a wider choice, better price and no maintenance.

If your bathroom is small you can have light grey floor tiles so as to bring more light to your room. Remember, all the sanitaryware and the walls can be kept white so you won't have the feeling that the room is smaller than it actually is.

It is true that having too much grey can result in a cold, unwelcome space. In order to avoid this feeling, remember to add some wood and you'll have the warmth you need in the room. Go for a mosaic in your shower and you'll get the sparkle from them.

In case you hadn't noticed, grey has come to stay in interior design. We now see the grey in walls, floors, furniture and so many other decorative objects. Grey everywhere and grey for everyone!