Bathrooms are no longer meant for quick showers and personal grooming. Nowadays, they have become personal relaxation oases where homeowners can pamper themselves and relieve stress after a long, busy day. Thus, modern bathrooms are an important part of the entire home experience, so it’s no wonder that we pay special attention to their design.

If you want to introduce a sense of novelty to your bathroom and prepare it for the upcoming season of hot days, you should embrace the hottest bathroom summer trends for 2018 and enhance your home experience.

Bathroom design

Bringing the spa home

Designing a spa-inspired bathroom will provide you with your own oasis for relaxation over the summer. You’ll be able to freshen up and escape the heat while also immersing yourself in a luxurious experience. Spa-inspired designs have become extremely popular as more and more homeowners are looking for different ways to embrace a slower pace in life and get in touch with themselves. From an elegant freestanding tub or a luxe walk-in shower with lush towels and soft bathrobes, every detail counts when it comes to creating a spa-like ambience. Muted, subtle lighting will create a soothing atmosphere and fill your home spa with a warm glow.

Dark tones for a stunning appeal

The summer of 2018 will make a stylish shift from neutral shades to dark tones that will create a cocoon effect in your bathroom. Dark moody hues will set the tone of deep relaxation while also elevating your bathroom décor. Indigo blues, in particular, will be the hottest option for a bathroom, bringing an atmosphere of summertime serenity. Thus, if you want to bring sea vibes to your own bathroom, paint your walls in indigo blues. However, other bold colours will also be in the spotlight, with dark grey and black being used for tile flooring, matte fixtures, cabinets and other bathroom elements.

Bathroom design

A fresh, soothing atmosphere

Apart from décor, the overall atmosphere in the bathroom can affect its general appeal. And since summer is the season of high temperatures and numerous allergens, it’s important that you create a fresh, open and airy atmosphere. Bringing in the best air purifier will help you eliminate allergens, such as dust, mould and mildew and also prevent the growth of mould by keeping humidity at a low level. Thus, you’ll be able to fill your bathroom with fresh air and create a more comfortable, pleasant environment.

Bold accents as embellishments

Although classic, subtle décor will always have a special place in the design scene and summer 2018 will focus on bold bathroom embellishments that are bound to give it an authentic character. Bold accents will elevate bathroom décor, work as stunning statements and create a dramatic effect in your personal spa. Don’t be afraid to experiment and introduce an unusually designed basin, boldly coloured vanity or a large-scale tile design. A mesmerising chandelier above the tub will certainly bring a dramatic flair to your bathroom while a Persian rug will create an atmosphere of oriental comfort.

Greenery is a must

As the healthiest and one of the most stunning accessories out there, houseplants should find their way into your bathroom. They will create a retreat-like atmosphere, bring in a soothing natural vibe and refresh your bathroom with a splash of green. You can use hanging plants right above your tub, place large leafy ones with stunning patterns in an empty bathroom corner or decorate your vanity with a cute collection of small succulents. Keep in mind that some plant species thrive in a bathroom environment as they require little light and prefer humidity.

Bathroom design

The charms of geometrics

Geometric designs will be one of the most popular options for wallpapers, tiles and artwork in 2018. Introducing bold geometrics into your bathroom will add to the entire atmosphere and create a wow effect. You can use a stunning geometric design for tile flooring or transform a wall into an accent feature by embellishing it with enticing wallpaper. You can even find watertight wallpaper designs that can be used in the shower, transforming it into an enchanting focal point. Another authentic idea is to wallpaper the ceiling and use it as a décor statement. However, if you prefer subtle, understated looks, you can always use geometric patterns for accent details, such as rugs, towels, artwork and decorative details.

Designing a stunning bathroom will provide you with a perfect relaxation area this summer and enrich your entire home experience.


Author's Bio: Faith is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.