We all have a small spare room we don’t know what to do with and it usually becomes the place where we store everything we don’t need. Before you know it, this room becomes over-cluttered with too many items and we can’t use it for anything that’s actually practical.

This is why you need to choose one of many interesting ways of transforming this corner of your house into something sensible and give this forgotten space a purpose in just one weekend. It can become a place you can work, read, engage in your hobbies or, alternatively, you can turn it into a walk-in closet you’ve always wanted.

Spare Room Best Style Ideas

The greatest library

Having a bookshelf full of your favourites in the middle of the living room is great, but if you can’t stand people constantly touching your books, having a small oasis for them is the best solution out there. The biggest part of the project is actually building the shelves, but doing this on your own is always better than purchasing them in a store since you can personalize them following your own needs. If you wish to turn this space into something more than just a place where you store books, add a comfortable chair and some blankets; that’s something every cosy reading spot needs. Your literary taste will probably define the style for your reading nook, so give yourself the freedom to decorate it in accordance with your favourite book.


A walk-in closet

This is a simple task and you’ll soon realize how such a small change can help you become a more organized person. Depending on your budget, you can make this a DIY project or turn to a professional specialized in wall-to-wall closets. As with the bookshelves, you can also create your own layout depending on the sort of clothes you want to put in the closet. However, all these additional items make this task more and more complex. For example, too much sunlight is amazing, but it can seriously damage your clothes. Before you start building shelves and moving in your clothes, make a plan and organize every little detail in advance. If you have enough space, add a huge mirror which will come in handy when you’re deciding what to wear.

Spare Room Best Style Ideas

Workspace area

If you work from home, having a quiet space is a must, so a spare room can be just what you need. Firstly, you need to choose quality office furniture to be sure you’re 100% comfortable, but you also need to keep the room design on your mind at all times. No matter how big your space in, you should try to fit in everything you need and thus utilize every corner of the room. A great storage space will come in handy and help you to remain organized. Apart from that, make sure your lighting is perfect, so add a lamp to your desk – after all, different types of lighting might help you work late at night and with so many options available to you on the market, you’ll surely find the one that suits you.

Spare Room Best Style Ideas

Gym or yoga room

If you like to relax by exploring different yoga positions or relieving stress by doing cardio, there’s no doubt what you’ll use this room for. Neither one of these options requires big transformations, so you’ll be able to have it done with whatever budget you’re working with. All those yoga fans out there can just add cosy mats, scented candles, sticks and a few tiny speakers, and you’ll be ready to relax. When it comes to your own cardio station, add a jump rope, a few weights, and an exercise ball, and you’re ready to make those muscles work. If you have a bigger budget, add a treadmill that’s certainly going to help you to get in shape.


There are so many options for giving your spare room a new purpose and any option you choose will make a great choice. If you come up with a detailed plan, this easy project can be done in just one day and you can start enjoying your new space right away. These are just a few ideas, but there are so many more – ultimately, you can include your family members in the decision-making process and create a multifunctional room everyone could enjoy.


Writer's bio - Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is also a mum who likes to spend her free time with her daughter. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is a regular contributor on https://smoothdecorator.com. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.