Decorating Ideas

We all know that in Australia the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the houses and it is the room the “sells the house”. We, at Cipriano Italian Home Design, can think of several good reasons to share this principle, but the one and most important one is that it is the only place in our homes where the best family stories are built and shared. We have made up a simple list with 10 reasons why we think it is more than reasonable to invest in a unique Italian designed kitchen.


Principle number 1: Golden Triangle for an efficient kitchen

The Golden Triangle theory, which consists of connecting the main working areas of your kitchen, was developed by the School of Architecture of the University of Illinois in the 40s. It states that there should not be more than 2.7mt between these areas: Fridge, Preparation, Cooking.


italian design kitchenThis is the starting point of your kitchen design. It is the most important area where all the activity takes place and the one you need to take care of the most when planning by not only considering the distance these three points but also by removing any obstacle among them.

No matter your kitchen size, the Golden Kitchen Triangle must be proportional to the size of the kitchen. A small kitchen can also be the most pretty kitchen of the whole world!


Principle number 2: Avoid lack of lighting

This is another vital point when designing your kitchen. You need to consider your lighting options, whether you can have natural light into your kitchen or this is not an option. We advise you to have a professional opinion when it comes to light. There are several awesome light designers in Byron Bay that can help you out with this. And do not forget all the cool light accessories modern kitchen come with!


Principle number 3: Take into account a good ventilation for your kitchen

A good extractor hood is essential in the design of any kitchen. We at Cipriano have several options and can help you choose the correct one. It is very important to consider the height of your extractor so as to make sure that your kitchen will be clean and more pleasant for the family.

 italian design kitchen

Principle number 4: Keep control of your storage space or pantry

This point is synonymous with "order" and when we speak of this we mean to have everything in its ideal place and at hand.

The design of a kitchen should always have the planning and forecast of a storage space, if not a pantry, that you will always need. Do not forget also, the bigger the family the larger the storage space should be. The end result should be a good kitchen design with a total order.


Principle number 5: Breakfast bar or island

Either option can be perfect. Their functionality and the best option for your particular case will be defined in the overall design of your kitchen. Remember, a bad decision may affect the Golden Kitchen Triangle.


Principle number 6: Choose the material and colour

Once you have the perfect layout for your kitchen you can start thinking about materials and finishes. With more than 30 different models and 200 different colours, at Cipriano Italian Home Design your dreamed kitchen is a fingertip away.


Principle number 7: Think about your recycling area

We are all concerned about our environment and recycling is one of the many things we can do at home to take care of it.

Having a dedicated space to the garbage we can recycle is crucial. Having this special space out of sight is the best decision you can make. The space under the counter sink is usually the most used for this purpose and latest design allows for different containers and an easy classification of the different type of waste we all generate at home. A clever use of the space.

italian design kitchen

Principle number 8: Do not follow the trend of the moment

This is a basic rule that takes into account the all-time premise: Wear what suits you. Do not exaggerate and let yourself be carried away by fashion on kitchen design. What you need is a design that matches your personality, and this can be reflected in your kitchen design.


Principle number 9: Choose the right kitchen sink

The ideal sink will take your kitchen design to the next level. You can choose an undermount, overmount or farmhouse sink, whatever kind that fits your style will make your kitchen design unique and elegant.


Principle number 10: Always ask a professional

There is nothing wrong with making the kitchen yourself. In fact, we base our design to match your idea as best as we can. Remember, quality and good design come hand in hand and you find both of them at Cipriano Italian Home Design.


We hope these 10 basic principles help you if you are planning to update, build or renew your kitchen. We will share more bits of advice in the future that will help you find your perfect kitchen design.