The classic Nordic style, or Scandi style as we like to call it, is characterised by white and luminous kitchens that inspire an authentic romantic air and welcome relaxation and enjoyment in our daily routine.


These kitchens have framed fronts with metal, brushed stainless steel handles, no handles at all and stone or wood looking workbenches. A black exhaust fan, like the one in our kitchen showroom in Byron Bay, may become the focal point of your kitchen design.


If you are considering designing your kitchen in Nordic or Scandi style then you are on the right track. Due to its versatility, simplicity and the use of natural materials the result is a timeless kitchen you will enjoy many years to come.

The predominance of white, light colours and wood is the reason why the atmosphere in a Scandi Style kitchen is relaxing and enjoyable.

scandi style kitchen

Each kitchen is personal and its design is based on many factors. There are several rules that we will slowly develop in our project blog as to how your kitchen should be designed. At the same time, it is not a secret how important a friendly style kitchen is to all of us!

Your kitchen can be large or small, open to another room in your house or between walls. Whatever the design of your kitchen is Cipriano Italian Home Design can help you achieve the personal touch it needs, be functional, of quality and within your budget.


At the end of your Scandi style kitchen design process, the result will be a romantic but traditional and modern kitchen that will match perfectly the whole style of your home. Scandi style has grown in popularity during the last few years and it is now one of the most selected styles when it comes to kitchen design.

It has many qualities but the most important ones are its functionality, use of natural resources, such as light and light colours like white or pastel. In general, Nordic style puts a special emphasis on sustainability and organic, natural products. Its simplicity, elegance and clever use of resources are the keys when it comes to designing a romantic kitchen with Scandi style.