In our project's blog, you can find lots of ideas to style and decorate any area of your home with the most varied options from vintage to modern furniture, from classic tiles to modern technologies and bespoke Italian ceramics.

In this new article, we'd like to concentrate a bit on soft, pastel colours for your bathroom without losing focus on the neutral style most Aussies prefer! Your bathroom will become the modern and comfortable room you have been dreaming of. Soft, pastel colours will give your bathroom an elegant and modern style.


Soft colours such as washed out pinks, worn out blues, light yellows, lilacs and soft greens are some of the most common ones. Take a look at Marazzi’s Chroma range for example or the Arbi Maison bathroom vanity collection.

A clever idea is to make a soft light green the central focus in your bathroom. Green is a jolly colour that reminds us of trees or large grassy areas with all the energy they spread out. Its pastel version transmits the calm and relax we need when we take a shower or want to have some private time in our bathrooms.


And what about combining green with other pastel colour such as yellow or pink? The result is a balanced energy that will help us start our day. The combination of more than one pastel colour in your soft green bathroom is perfect for lazy mornings as it will give you the energy and great feeling of being able to conquer the world!

Simple, basic colours together with simple, basic bathroom furniture such as a small sit-on soap dispenser, a nice bath mat or a classic chair. Elegant warm soft colours help us create a relaxed and happy bathroom and, as you can see, are the perfect complement to any style.


Pastel colours go perfectly with darker colours and even copper tones! Go wild and combine several colours or use different shades of the same colour. Add metallic details, mix materials and style with the bathroom accessories and you will have a unique bathroom.


Would you rather keep it more neutral? Soft, pastel tones go perfectly well with off-whites and light beige as well. The result will be a unique Nordic style bathroom everyone will envy and only you will enjoy!


Bathrooms with soft, pastel colours are trending this year and you can find them everywhere. Have you thought about tiling with pastel colours, a single colour in one wall only, a pastel colour feature wall? Your bathroom will have a delicate and unique look. 


Pastels are soothing and stimulating colours that adapt perfectly to a classic, minimalist, romantic, retro or modern bathroom fittings and decoration. These relaxing colours are perfect for bathrooms.