Decorating Ideas

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to have a bath outside while enjoying the fresh air without the hot steam that prevents you from breathing normally and the beautiful view of your garden? Well, it seems that this idea is not that crazy after all. You just need to find the right way how to design it and make it both practical and super-luxurious. Let’s take a look at some interesting ideas that we’ve come up with and get some inspiration.

Be practical

First of all, you have to be practical and think about all the ways how you can design your outdoor bathroom so that it suits all your needs. For example, just imagine how impractical it would be to always have to circle all the way around your house to reach the front door after you’re done with your bath. Instead, think about connecting your outdoor bath area to your indoor bathroom by installing sophisticated sliding glass doors. Not only will this solution make your life much easier, but you’ll let more daylight into your inside bathroom as well, turning it into a much more comfy and pleasant environment.

outdoor bathroom

Create privacy

When you imagine having a bath outside, you are probably not considering some peeking neighbours that can spoil the fun. However, we’re here to remind you of them and help you make your outside bathroom more private. First things first, you should place your bathtub in the part of your yard that has a lot of plants which will serve as a natural cover. Additionally, you can even decorate your outside bathroom with beautiful sculptures that will add a touch of elegance to your garden, but also hide your bath. Finally, you can opt for portable privacy screens as well since they can be easily removed when you feel you don’t need them.

outdoor bathroom

Hide your bath from the Sun

Aside from hiding your bathroom from your neighbours, don’t forget to hide it from the Sun as well. This is because, as you already know, prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays can lead to some serious health issues and even cause cancer. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy your luxurious outdoor bathroom and feel completely safe at the same time, go for some amazing Shade Sails. You’ll be surprised to see how such a simple solution can make a huge difference and add that final touch to your bath. Enjoy!

Go for vintage style

Once you’ve considered all the practical sides of your new project, think about how to add some style to it as well. Lately, the vintage style has become really popular so you may want to give it a chance. For example, a beautiful standalone bathtub will make your outside bathroom look absolutely chic and you’ll feel as if you travelled back in time. On top of that, you can bring some scented candles outside and create a more romantic atmosphere. We guarantee you that your new outdoor bathroom will definitely become your favourite spot for intimate evenings with your partner. Finally, you should think about installing some lights as well since nothing is more relaxing than having baths during long hot summer nights.

Go minimalistic

outdoor bathroom

Finally, don’t forget that less is most often more, so, instead of adding too many details to your outdoor oasis of peace, try to keep it simple. We particularly like the idea of incorporating some easily obtainable materials like pebble and concrete. Although they may look simple at first glance, these materials will go well with the surrounding greenery and thus create a perfect balance. Finally, you can grow some climbers as well since they’ll serve as a nice accessory and create a comfy shade as well.

As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to decorating your outside bathroom. However, it’s most important that you discover what you really love and go for it. Finally, don’t shy away from experimenting a bit and adding your personal touch as well.


Author's bio: Faith McGregor Faith is a writer, seeking beauty everywhere she goes and finding it in art, nature, family, and home. Passionate about just living life to the fullest, she’s into home decor and healthy lifestyle, trying to be the best version of herself and make her surroundings match.