If you read an article about the most important aspects of interior design, you’ll learn more about the importance of proportion and balance between modern and some other interior design style. This applies to colours, texture and decorative elements you want to include in your modern home. Retroelements help you infuse your space with a dash of glamour and charm which can add a new charismatic sense to your house. The historical value that vintage pieces bring is more than appreciative, both aesthetically and in a sense of national heritage.

vintage interior style 


Make a plan to avoid over-cluttering

Some people prefer to immediately start adding different pieces of furniture and decorations and continue buying new ones until their rooms are absolutely full of stuff. To avoid this, make a plan and be sure you know exactly what you want to achieve – are you trying to pull off a minimalistic design or do you want to freshen up your room with a retro feeling? This will set the tone for the upcoming projects and you need to make this decision at the very beginning of your remodelling. Even if you decide to stick to just a handful of new elements, they will add a bit of excitement and unexpected focal points to your room.

vintage interior style

Add a charming element

If you want to take it slow and introduce this new style into your home over a period of time, the best way to do so is by adding elements one by one. To start out safe, you can add a vintage rug, a coffee table, some decorative pillows or an interesting lamp. If you’re braver than that, opt for big statement pieces like chandeliers, mirrors, dashing dining room tables or rustic lighting fixtures. These will introduce a new design into your room and help you make a full transition to a vintage interior style. It goes without saying that art pieces are great statement pieces and everything from pictures to sculptures can be implemented into any style without putting a burden on your budget.

vintage interior style

Some bigger improvements

After making some small changes, you’ll soon start making bolder decisions and this includes changing the design and plan of your house. Look for any needed improvements in your layout and try to blend them into this new style. When it comes to your house plan, this interior style desires open floor plans so, if there’s a possibility, see which walls you can tear down in order to make a natural flow and tie all the rooms together. When deciding on the entrance, always choose fashionable doors as they add a bit of chic, which is exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Besides that, you can choose wooden window frames to go with the rest of the room.

vintage interior style

Include a statement antique piece

Creating a blend of two different time periods can be tricky, but a big statement feature can sometimes be a great way to show how almost anything can be paired up if you think it through. Antique storage pieces can be a great way to break the plain design of a room and you can choose those made out of dark wood with some curved details – these are glamorous and rustic at the same time. To add a centrepiece to your kitchen, besides a dining table, you can find a great big cupboard which will look great if you decorate it with a mismatched collection of crockery and glassware. Just place everything without any order and make sure to display your best possessions in the front row so that your visitors can see them.


When it comes to merging two totally different styles that reflect your taste, you should be careful but also have some fun in the process. While it may seem that these two interior styles can’t be mixed, it’s obvious they can. Just be sure not to go over the top and make your home appear like it’s stuck in time by including all the items you already have in your possession. The key to blending two styles is to work with what you got and complete the look by adding just a few new elements.


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