Before the construction of your new home can begin, you’ll want to have the final layout in place for every room, closet, and nook and cranny in the house. While every room should be planned and envisioned with the same devotion and attention to detail, the bathroom deserves special consideration.

The bathroom is the crowning jewel of any home; a place of pure peace and serenity, of unobstructed intimacy and an oasis the entire family will adore. With a multitude of design options for you to choose from, reaching the best decision for your needs can prove to be difficult. Here are the essential steps you want to take in order to plan the perfect bathroom for your new home.

bathroom design

Functionality and easy manoeuvrability

The first step that will serve as a foundation for all future decorating and designing will be optimizing the layout for easy manoeuvrability and functionality. There are a number of styles for you to pick and choose, with the one-wall layout and the two-wall layout being the most popular options. The one-wall layout will put the sink, toilet, and bath in line along a single wall.

While this option is highly aesthetic and popular among homeowners for its affordability, it is also the most limiting one. Instead, you can opt for the two-wall layout, which gives you increased flexibility and manoeuvrability. With the sink and the toiled along a single wall, you can use the opposite side to place the bathtub and the shower.

There is also the most versatile and expensive option of a three-wall layout, giving you unparalleled comfort and flexibility; however, it will require consulting with a professional in order to avoid costly design mistakes. To his end, you can schedule a viewing of some of the existing display homes with local project home builders, who can run you through the intricacies of the design and help you come up with a solution matching your needs and lifestyle.

bathroom design

Design a warm lighting scheme

An intimate, aesthetic bathroom design thrives on adequate illumination, both natural and artificial. This means that the positioning of the windows in the room will play a crucial role in defining the look and feel of the setting. While the window scheme can come in a variety of forms, it is also a good idea to consider other methods of illumination, such as installing a skylight or playing with mirrors for an added effect.

As far as artificial lighting is concerned, consider accentuating the vanity and every mirror in the room with wall-mount lights on each side for perfect illumination. Be sure to cover all areas of the mirror, placing the lights at about eye level, gracing the top of the mirror with a single light bulb. The bathtub and the rest of the room can enjoy the light coming from the chandelier in the centre of the ceiling.

bathroom design

Learn from the best examples

One of the biggest mistakes future homeowners inadvertently make is not taking the time to learn the best practices incorporated in other households – how they work, what gives them their aesthetic appeal, etc. Instead, most people simply stick to a simple design they might have envisioned years ago. But you want to do better than that.

Taking the time to learn the best practices will make your job significantly easier and allow you to reach a rewarding decision. You should bear in mind that truly modern bathroom renovations are increasingly personalized, going much farther than a mere simplicity and function.

bathroom design

Create a striking focal point

There can be numerous decor accents in a bathroom, but there can be only one focal point. Typically, this will be the bathtub. While you could try to create a focal point with some other amenity, it will undoubtedly remain in the shadow of the bathtub simply due to its aesthetic appeal. Again, the design options are plentiful.

An elegant freestanding bath will arguably have the biggest impact on the overall design of the room and create an upscale vibe that will permeate the rest of the setting. It can be mounted on a small pedestal base or enjoy a more sculpture-like appearance with straight or even sloping edges.

bathroom design

Let the cabinetry portray your style

The final step is to imbue the room with your own personality and taste, expressed through vivid cabinetry. From traditional and vintage, to modern and futuristic, vanities and cabinets come in all shapes and forms, with the double-sink vanity being one of the most popular options in family homes. Consider floating cabinets for extra floor space, and if full-bodied wooden vanities speak to your personal taste, consider complementing them with ornate marble or stone countertops.

The bathroom is the crowning jewel of every home, which is why it deserves special attention during the preparation phase. With these essential tips in mind, you will have no problem planning a perfect bathroom in your new home the entire family will adore.



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