In the world of bathroom designs, 2018 promises to elevate the established aesthetic appeal of a stylish, modern bathroom to a whole new level by combining functionality with pure accentuated beauty. While the design foundations of last year might still be present, they will have to welcome some striking changes in terms of natural elements, lighting, and simplicity.

It might sound as if grand (and thus expensive) remodelling projects are ahead of you, but the reality is much simpler and much more budget-friendly than what you might have imagined. Here are the hot new trends in current bathroom design that will define 2018.


Replacing size with pure functionality

There is nothing wrong with having a capacious bathroom. On the contrary, grand spaces offer comfort and an unrivalled sense of freedom. However, all of this, and more can be achieved with a smart design approach to a much smaller space. Modern bathrooms aim to bring intimacy and privacy into the mix while portraying a picture of perfect functionality in order to retain a feeling of spaciousness.

You can easily achieve this if you already have a small bathroom, but want to make it feel roomier by prudently utilising every inch of free space. And by using it prudently, we mean not using it at all. Keeping the bathroom clear and devoid of any extraneous elements is crucial, but only if you complement it with smaller, artfully designed sink bowls, baths, and toilets.

 Hidden plumbing for a seamless and elegant design

modern bathroom design

The world is moving ever-faster towards simple, elegant designs that emanate positivity, serenity, and intimacy. While a minimalist design is also popular among modern homeowners and interior decorators, it’s not exactly what current bathrooms aim to achieve.

Instead, the emphasis is on strategic elegance infused into the setting by hiding away all of the plumbing pipes and keeping the space looking clean. The trend is slowly taking over the world, and among Australian designers, it’s become an absolute hit. However, this solution does have a single downside – it makes the pipes harder to reach in case of an emergency.

If you do introduce this seamless approach into your bathroom, it’s important that you have a reliable plumber on speed dial, ready to take care of any problem as it occurs. Remember, you can absolutely enjoy modern design trends for all they’re worth, but only if you are prepared to overcome every difficulty with a help of a professional.


Using modern technology for all it’s worth

Speaking of toilets, in 2018 everything in your bathroom should be following the “smart home” craze currently taking over the world. From seat warmers and automatic lids to glowing toilet bowls for those midnight trips to the bathroom, all the way to fitted deodorisers.

Showers won’t escape modernisation either, with integrated wireless speakers, programmable thermostats and voice activation, to name just a few tech features. Automatic faucets will also reign supreme, tying together the functional, seamless look in the bathroom.


Highlighting the vanities and bath area

modern bathroom design

Luminosity is getting a new meaning this year, as it’s all about accentuating certain areas of the bathroom with warm lighting in order to point out the beauty of the decor. Instead of one grand light illuminating the entire room, you want to introduce accent lights around the vanities, making sure the glow illuminates your reflection perfectly.

Likewise, the shower or bath area is also getting its own spotlight, graced by overhead lights or even surrounded by freestanding lights on the sides. The idea is to bring an intimate feeling to a single spot in the room, and you can achieve this by pointing the lights in a way that they encircle the bath or the shower.


Neutral tones with natural accents

Speaking of accents, this year they will come in another vivid form – natural elements. In order for the wooden hues to make a statement in such a setting, they will first need to be accommodated by a neutral foundation on the walls. Opt for bright hues, even pastels to serve as a base from which the wooden accents will expand.

Think about warm vinyl flooring, or wooden vanities laden with marble countertops. The colour possibilities are numerous, and you can set the tone of the entire room by choosing either light wood or a dark, mysterious shade. Accent greenery on the windowsills and the vanities is also an excellent choice.

The New Year has got plenty in store for the modern bathroom design, bringing together functionality, technology, and aesthetics to create a unified whole. With these new design solutions in mind, you will easily transform your bathroom into a personal oasis the entire family will adore.