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 The bathroom, much like the bedroom, should be a sacred place in a home. A place of uninterrupted intimacy, peace, and positivity, a place where you can forget about the troubles of everyday life, de-stress, and recharge your batteries after a long day. However, many homeowners fail to fully optimize their bathroom design to reach these goals.

 One of the most crucial elements in bringing the bathroom oasis concept to life is window treatments. The look and feel of your window covers will play a vital role in creating a unique tone and theme of the room, and it will define the comfort and intimacy levels of the bathroom. Here is an essential guide to window treatments and how you can use them to transform your bathroom into a true comfort zone.


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Illuminate copiously…

Ensuring ample lighting is crucial in a bathroom. That’s why many interior designers will argue against using window treatments at all, in order to illuminate the room copiously and let plenty of natural light permeate the setting throughout the day.
While it is true that you want to let as much light in as possible, it doesn’t mean that you should take down your treatments altogether. Instead, choose translucent materials such as frosted window films, textured glass, or a beautiful sheer white curtain over the window. This way you can let plenty of natural light in, but still, preserve the intimacy.


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…but preserve privacy as well

No matter if you’re living in a country house or a city pad, your bathroom is likely to make it into a curious neighbour’s field of view at some point. Preserving the privacy and intimacy of the setting is therefore essential. While the aforementioned solutions boast enough material to blur out the interior, they will not protect you completely from a curious gaze.
If absolute intimacy is what you’re after, consider mounting a second layer of defence in the form of beautiful wooden blinds, a roller blind, or even a bottom-up roller blind that allows you to preserve intimacy but still enjoy the view and the healthful rays.


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Eliminate the noise and distractions

Another crucial element of an intimate bathroom people overlook way too often is noise cancellation. Cancelling out the outside noise and being able to truly relax in a secluded bathroom setting is essential if you’re looking to de-stress, rest, and recuperate.
To that end, if you want to introduce quality sound isolation, make sure you are installing the new generation of sound-proof windows and doors that boast acoustic seals and glass, along with standard safety features such as durable locking mechanisms. This will allow you to preserve absolute privacy and peace of mind as well.


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Complement the design of the room

Naturally, the design of your window treatments needs to correspond with the rest of the design in the bathroom in order to create a unified whole. If your bathroom enjoys a rustic design with plenty of natural elements, you can complement the decor with wooden treatments.
On the other hand, textured glass works wonderfully in almost any setting, particularly in a modern bathroom, while white curtains work best with elegant, as well as traditional decor. Remember that window treatments can also be used to break the monotony of the room and deconstruct the theme if need be.


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Embrace modern technology

Finally, there is no rule that says window treatments and modern technology can’t happily coexist and join forces to bring comfort and elegance to your bathroom design. While rolling the treatments up and down manually has its unique feel, you can also install remote control treatments that can be manipulated with a push of a button. This way you can easily switch from open and free, to an intimate and secluded ambience at a moment’s notice.
Window treatments play a vital role in creating a unified design in your bathroom. Be sure to follow these steps in order to transform your bathroom into a true comfort zone, imbued with elegance and unobstructed intimacy.



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