The modern world has seen too many futuristic decor pieces and sinful design solutions deprived of any warmth, comfort, intimacy, or personality. The time has come for a change, to retrace our steps and find that missing link between modern design and quaint, rustic decor.
In the age of minimalism and monochromatic colour schemes, you want to introduce life and vibrancy into your living environment in order to transform your home’s interior from dull and unimaginative, to positive, energetic, and serene.

Here are the top five tips on how you can successfully combine rustic and modern designs in your home.

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Raise the ceilings

First things first, you want to break away from the modern trend of boxing the room in with low ceilings, and instead create a sense of freedom that will permeate the entire house, from the kitchen, all the way to the bathroom. You will easily accomplish this by simply raising the ceilings.

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A barn or an old building would have soaring ceilings, and you want to mimic this design by introducing a cathedral-like design with warm, chestnut beams that will not only allow a sense of spaciousness to flow freely but also tie the rustic decor together with modern elements.

Introduce raw natural elements

Speaking of chestnut, raw natural elements play a big role in creating a cohesive whole out of two seemingly opposing fronts. Modern designs do work wonderfully with wood and rustic decor, but only if you allow them to complement each other, and not allow one approach to overpower the rest of the design.

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To that end, you want to think about how a wooden dining table in the kitchen would work with a beautiful marble countertop on the kitchen island, or how a wooden floor would complement the modern appliances. Don’t forget to add greenery in the corners and on the windowsills to further tie the design together.

Create focal points and accents

No matter how complementary some elements might be, every room needs to have a focal point or a set of accents that will give it its unique personality and evoke certain emotions. While you might want the bathroom to tell a more intimate story with dark wood elements accentuated with white features, the living room might tell a different tale.

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In order to create a welcoming setting where people will feel free, energized, and comfortable, be sure to introduce accents in the form of warm lighting, colourful art pieces on the walls, a welcoming fireplace, and comfortable furniture, such as a French chaise lounge that will stand out from the rest of the decor.

Opt for a subtle colour palette

The rustic modern design thrives on a subdued, more natural colour palette. Choosing pure whites, pine green, and sandy hues not only make great accents, but they also create an excellent foundation for the rest of your design.

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These colours aim to portray a serene and soothing setting, while the contrasting accents and details scattered around the room will delicately inspire the flow of positive energy. In order to avoid delving too deep into the rustic end of the spectrum with natural colours, be sure to introduce modern accents.

Make comfort your top priority

Finally, comfort plays a crucial role in bringing the rustic and modern designs together.

There are numerous ways you can make this work, from complementing modern furniture pieces with rustic throws, blankets, and sheepskin, to decorating rustic furniture with velvet pillows and modern details. Be sure to complement the wooden flooring with fluffy area rugs as well.
In the modern world overburdened with depersonalised interior designs, there is a need to introduce some much-needed rustic style and comfort into your home. Be sure to follow these essential tips in order to successfully combine modern and rustic designs for a truly timeless look.


Author's bio: Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also likes sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.

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