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Your interior design can tell many a tale to an unsuspecting visitor, and it can portray an enchanting story that resonates with your personality – it all comes down to how you decorate your living environment. Elegance can be achieved in a number of ways, particularly through costly investments, but also with finesse details you can introduce even on a tight budget.

In an attempt to create an elegant setting the entire family will enjoy and your friends will simply adore, you want to tie together the design of every room. While the rooms will follow a certain motif, you also want to give them their own, unique personality. Here is the ultimate decor guide that will help you bring elegance to your home.

An inviting kitchen

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 Let’s start with the noisiest room in the entire house, the kitchen.

Modern designs imbued with elegance, but also a contemporary feel, aim to deconstruct the old norms, setting aside the preconceived notions of an all-white kitchen setting and replacing them with something more intimate and personal.
Darker kitchen designs might have been a sin before, but nowadays, nothing speaks elegance and grace like a dark green backsplash overlooking a deep chestnut or mahogany set. Use wooden materials for the island, the cabinets, and the window frames. Complement the wood with beautiful contrasting tops and plenty of warm lighting.


A bathroom oasis

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The bathroom should be an intimate oasis, an impenetrable sanctuary where you can wash away the troubles of the outside world. Whether you want a modern elegant bathroom or a setting to rekindle your long-lost relationship with nature, you should always strive for simplicity, positivity, and serenity.
Start by choosing the elements of the bathroom you’re going to introduce in natural, wooden materials for a more intimate feel, and complement these elements with elegant, smooth, and modern amenities such as a beautiful white freestanding bath, a floating vanity coupled with a grand mirror, and various greenery to frame the room and complete the design.

The intimate bedroom

Speaking of intimacy and personality, the bedroom is another area in your home where elegance should play the dominant role. Everything from lighting to the pattern on the wallpapers and the throws on the bed needs to be carefully introduced to evoke the right emotions.
Start by creating a focal point in the room by introducing an elegant fabric bed frame complete with a unique bedside bookcase and a table for those Sunday morning breakfasts in bed. Getting the lighting just right will be crucial as well, so opt for programmable lights around the room, preferably in the modern free-standing form. Complete the room with a chaise lounge sofa next to the powder table.


An open and welcoming living room

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The living room, although still following the main design features, should be more open and free, it should be welcoming and it should entice the visitor to feel relaxed, happy, and even enthusiastic. To that end, comfort, brightness, and timeless design should be your guides.
Allow the wall facing the entire room to have it say with bright, patterned wallpapers, and contrast the foundation with elegant chairs and a sofa in a modern, sleek design. Don’t forget to add comfort to the ambience with silky throws and satin pillows, complemented with beautiful sheepskin draping from the edges of the sofa.

An enchanting dining room

Finally, whether you are dining with your family or with a group of cherished friends, you want your dining room to portray an upscale vibe and also inspire meaningful conversations while evoking happiness and positivity.
The dining table should be elegant and sturdy, made of lacquer wood such as dark oak or mahogany, with a beautiful crystal chandelier overlooking the room. Opt for full-length window curtains in a bright hue and complete the set with a vintage cabinet matching the colour of the dining table. As a finishing touch, add candle holders with crystal embellishments around the room.
Creating an elegant home shouldn’t be an expensive or arduous task. By following these essential steps, you will have no problem bringing timeless elegance and charm into every corner of your lovely home.


About the Author: Chloe is an interior design consultant and she enjoys writing about home decor, remodelling and organizing. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.