Decorating Ideas

Eco-Friendly tiles

Just like many people out there, here at Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design, we are also concerned about doing the right thing for our environment. Our way of doing so is to partner with Italian Ceramic companies and suppliers who share our beliefs.


When looking for an environmentally friendly tile there is so much information available, that you end up feeling overwhelmed with no idea where to start. The first step then is to consider that not only “recycled” tiles are eco-friendly. Many companies, especially Italian porcelain and ceramics manufacturers, are spending their resources in finding new efficient ways of putting into the market eco-sustainable products.


So, what should you consider if it’s a new non-recycled tile? These two questions are just an example of what we ask ourselves when considering a new Italian porcelain company:


Is the company making enough efforts to minimize and reduce energy, water, and wastage during manufacturing?

Is the company making efforts to put into practice green business actions?

Feature Wall

Should I have a feature wall in my bathroom or living room? What are the options when thinking about having a feature wall?


Those are some of the questions we often receive from our customers. We always encourage our customers to follow their heart and think that there are a few good reasons to have a feature wall in your house.


You can choose the newest trend with the 3D tiles or the more classic wooden look, marble look, cement or 70’s look tiles. In all cases, if you decide to have a feature tile in your house you are saying you are bold, you are saying you have the courage and believe in your taste.

The three-dimensional tiles on a feature wall create a dramatic, important effect in a room that has rarely been seen in the past. Depending on the time of the day, the lights and the objects you put around as decoration, 3D tiles change the whole environment and the optical effect created on the wall can be a point of difference. Having this kind of wall finish will make you fall in love with your spaces over and over again. Come visit our showroom in Byron Bay to check on the great variety of textured, 3D Italian tiles we have.


Marazzi Spazio Mocha

We all know that remodelling a bathroom, changing the toilet, furniture or tiles can mean parting with a large amount of money. However, giving a new Italian look to your bathroom does not have to mean investing a fortune. We will reveal some tricks that will help you renovate your bathroom and save money at the same time, whatever your budget.



The first aspect to consider are the new tiles. These are an important point of departure and will also set the base colour and finish for the rest of the bathroom fittings. So, if you want to give your bathroom a total new air, you can start by changing the material or the colour of the walls and floors.

A few affordable options available in our Byron Bay office are:

Marazzi Spazio Mocha 300x600

Marazzi Interiors Bone 200x500

Evoluzioni Ceramiche Stardust Sand 620x620

Evoluzioni Ceramiche Tecno Graphite 600x600


Marazzi AllMarble



Elegant, sophisticated and synonymous of good taste and high class - That is how your bathroom could look if you decide to remodel it using marble-look porcelain tiles.

This trend continues its growth during 2017 and positions itself as an Aussie’s favorite when it comes to remodeling or new bathroom builds. We want to focus on the Italian porcelain marble-look floor and wall tiles. Using these classic examples as references we have devised some ideas and tips for decorating and remodeling your bathroom space.


Our Italian porcelain tiles can be used in a marble-look shower, marble-look floor or marble-look walls. Our bathroom furniture companies have several options that would perfectly adapt to this look in any modern or classic bathroom. If your dream bathroom space is elegant, modern but classically timeless then this is the must have look.

Any type of marble-look, when installed with balance aside the other materials in your bathroom, will look great. However, we have to recognize that the classics such as Marazzi AllMarble Statuario or Marazzi EvolutionMarble Calacatta are special when it comes to using this look in your bathroom.

In the same respect, we don’t want to limit your options to white bases, as there are many types of marble-look porcelain tiles, each of them with their unique character and personality. Each different and beautiful in its own way.


OLI Concealed Cisterns

The future bathroom lays in the concealed cistern

The future is moving towards a new design and a concealed flush cistern. We are leaving behind the classical closed flush toilet suite.


A concealed cistern is the trademark to any modern bathroom. Within a reasonable difference of price you will have more space and clean lines in your room and, just in case you had any doubt, there is no need to break the wall to change the valves.

We’ve said more than once on our posts that bathrooms have become an important part of our homes. In the past bathrooms used to be the less taken care of space of the whole house. Now, everybody wants to have the same amount of bathrooms and bedrooms, if not an ensuite in every room of the house. As a consequence bathroom decoration, space, design and use have changed significantly.