Decorating Ideas

Design your minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathrooms have been in trend for quite a long time. This philosophy values the simplicity, the order and the lack of accessories.

The more free from objects and items you have in your bathroom the better. Less is more, as simple as that.

Let’s see together which are the steps to follow if you wish to have a minimalist bathroom.


Keep it simple

We will never get tired of saying this three words. Minimalist design is based on simplicity. The simpler the vanity and furniture in your bathroom the better.

For example, one single large, important mirror could be everything that is necessary to dress the bathroom. It captures the light in the room and it doubles the space.

Guests bathroom

Whenever we have guests at home, we want them to feel good, as if they were in their own house, isn’t that right? Then, why shouldn’t we decorate our guests’ bathroom to look pleasing and inviting to help them feel comfortable and at ease?

In this project we applied a few fresh ideas for the decoration of our guests’ bathroom. Let’s give a closer look together!


Put some colour in it.

We all know that colour influences people’s mood. Including a touch of bright colours in your bathroom is always a wise move. Your guests will be happy and full of energy.

An example of a nice colourful tile is Marazzi’s collection ColourUp in all its possible colours: Orange, white, yellow and so on.

Attention to natural light

A bathroom which highlights and gives importance to natural light is an element to take into account. The bathroom is no exception and the use of colour should be linked to this.

Beach house bathroom

Who doesn’t love summer? The warm sun, the light marine breeze and the long walks along the beach with crystal water and white sand. Summer means relax, and relax starts in your beach house.

If you are one of those fortunate enough to have this relaxing spot to spend holidays, weekends or simply escape from everyday routine, here is some advice for choosing the perfect bathroom furniture to enjoy a refreshing bath in a simple yet comfortable environment.

The first advice is that your beach house should not be a copy of the one in the city nor a messy box of old, outdated furniture. Even if you have a limited budget you can change the whole appearance and style of your bathroom with simple ideas and a good dose of originality.

You need to carefully consider which colours to use in your bathroom remodelling. Remember, it is not advisable to use dark and extravagant colours but to use simplicity, choosing natural textures present in the surrounding environment of your house.

Feel free to choose all shades of white, beige and of course blue: the protagonist of your landscape.

You can visit our website and browse among some interesting options here that we used in one of our projects. 

Once you have selected the colours, our second advice is to choose a light wall tile for your bathroom, from absolute white to sand or beige and then you can just indulge with the selection of the vanity and other bathroom accessories.

An all-female bathroom

The bathroom can show vanity and femininity. Even a small bathroom can become a personalized room without having to do great changes. Even a tiny thing or a modest detail can change the appearance of the bathroom to fit your style …

Here are the tips to create an all-female bathroom!

We've made a simple list with suggestions and tips to turn a simple bathroom into an all-female bathroom, more elegant and glamorous.

First you should carefully consider the style you want to choose. Remember that there is no right or wrong choice. You'll have to focus only on your needs and preferences and the aesthetic impact you wish to create.

You don’t need to worry about the size of the room since nowadays companies offer a wide variety of options and you’ll find many oportunities anyway.

Once you have a particular style in mind, the next step is to carefully select the vanity. Usually, a classic style is much more feminine and elegant.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more modern, young or fresh style, then you’ll need to focus on modern vanities with light female colours.

We know, at this point, that many of you will choose pink or light purple. However, if you’re not in this group, then remember you need to choose the colour that better represents your personal vision or taste.