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Bathroom Styling in Pastel Colours

In our project's blog, you can find lots of ideas to style and decorate any area of your home with the most varied options from vintage to modern furniture, from classic tiles to modern technologies and bespoke Italian ceramics.

In this new article, we'd like to concentrate a bit on soft, pastel colours for your bathroom without losing focus on the neutral style most Aussies prefer! Your bathroom will become the modern and comfortable room you have been dreaming of. Soft, pastel colours will give your bathroom an elegant and modern style.


Soft colours such as washed out pinks, worn out blues, light yellows, lilacs and soft greens are some of the most common ones. Take a look at Marazzi’s Chroma range for example or the Arbi Maison bathroom vanity collection.

A clever idea is to make a soft light green the central focus in your bathroom. Green is a jolly colour that reminds us of trees or large grassy areas with all the energy they spread out. Its pastel version transmits the calm and relax we need when we take a shower or want to have some private time in our bathrooms.

Energy Efficient Master Bathroom


For most homeowners, having a gorgeous master bathroom is a must, as it’s one of the last quiet and private retreats in the home, where you can get away from the daily noise at the end of a busy day. The luxury features and comfort that were once limited only to exclusive daily spas are now easily incorporated into regular home master bathrooms.

Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of water shortage and depletion of Earth’s resources, being as energy-efficient as possible has become an integral part of bathroom renovation projects.

All bathrooms in one home, including the master, consume a lot of water and energy on a daily basis, so the main goal is to reduce the energy consumption in order to be more efficient. Here are four basic solutions that you can easily incorporate into your master en-suite in order to reduce your water usage by almost a half.

Vintage Pieces in Modern Interior Design

If you read an article about the most important aspects of interior design, you’ll learn more about the importance of proportion and balance between modern and some other interior design style. This applies to colours, texture and decorative elements you want to include in your modern home. Retroelements help you infuse your space with a dash of glamour and charm which can add a new charismatic sense to your house. The historical value that vintage pieces bring is more than appreciative, both aesthetically and in a sense of national heritage.

Basic Elements for your Bathroom

This week we'll discuss which are the key elements for your bathroom, a space that, as we have mentioned in our previous projects, has undergone a huge revolution in terms of design and materials during the last few years. We will take a look at which are the trends and will also advise you so that the result is your own personal space.



You can choose between the classic shower head from the ceiling or the wall or a simple rail shower that will also allow you to use it as a hand shower.

There are a variety of solutions we can offer you at Cipriano Italian Home Design you can mix and match and that will result in the perfect shower.

Take your Bathroom Outside

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to have a bath outside while enjoying the fresh air without the hot steam that prevents you from breathing normally and the beautiful view of your garden? Well, it seems that this idea is not that crazy after all. You just need to find the right way how to design it and make it both practical and super-luxurious. Let’s take a look at some interesting ideas that we’ve come up with and get some inspiration.

Be practical

First of all, you have to be practical and think about all the ways how you can design your outdoor bathroom so that it suits all your needs. For example, just imagine how impractical it would be to always have to circle all the way around your house to reach the front door after you’re done with your bath. Instead, think about connecting your outdoor bath area to your indoor bathroom by installing sophisticated sliding glass doors. Not only will this solution make your life much easier, but you’ll let more daylight into your inside bathroom as well, turning it into a much more comfy and pleasant environment.