Decorating Ideas

Spare Room Best Style Ideas

We all have a small spare room we don’t know what to do with and it usually becomes the place where we store everything we don’t need. Before you know it, this room becomes over-cluttered with too many items and we can’t use it for anything that’s actually practical.

This is why you need to choose one of many interesting ways of transforming this corner of your house into something sensible and give this forgotten space a purpose in just one weekend. It can become a place you can work, read, engage in your hobbies or, alternatively, you can turn it into a walk-in closet you’ve always wanted.

Comfortable Home

Thermal comfort, or in other words – how warm or cool you feel in your household – seems to be an issue as old as civilization itself. As humanity braved impossible weather conditions, it honed and perfected a variety of methods to keep thermal conditions in equilibrium.

Thankfully, we live in a time when technology develops at a blinding speed, so if you are looking for a way to keep yourself and your family warm or cool, here’s how to considerably improve thermal comfort at home.


When it comes to improving thermal comfort in your home, it will often come down to tedious micromanagement.

Principles of Kitchen Design

We all know that in Australia the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the houses and it is the room the “sells the house”. We, at Cipriano Italian Home Design, can think of several good reasons to share this principle, but the one and most important one is that it is the only place in our homes where the best family stories are built and shared. We have made up a simple list with 10 reasons why we think it is more than reasonable to invest in a unique Italian designed kitchen.


Principle number 1: Golden Triangle for an efficient kitchen

The Golden Triangle theory, which consists of connecting the main working areas of your kitchen, was developed by the School of Architecture of the University of Illinois in the 40s. It states that there should not be more than 2.7mt between these areas: Fridge, Preparation, Cooking.


Romantic Scandi Style Kitchen

The classic Nordic style, or Scandi style as we like to call it, is characterised by white and luminous kitchens that inspire an authentic romantic air and welcome relaxation and enjoyment in our daily routine.


These kitchens have framed fronts with metal, brushed stainless steel handles, no handles at all and stone or wood looking workbenches. A black exhaust fan, like the one in our kitchen showroom in Byron Bay, may become the focal point of your kitchen design.


If you are considering designing your kitchen in Nordic or Scandi style then you are on the right track. Due to its versatility, simplicity and the use of natural materials the result is a timeless kitchen you will enjoy many years to come.

Focal Point for you Home Decor


A focal point is the most conspicuous detail in a room that defines a space and gives it an enchanting flair. A stunning focal point captures the attention of anyone who walks in and creates the wow effect, elevating home décor while also stating the purpose of a room. Creating a beautiful focal point is fairly easy if you combine the right elements and find a way to accentuate this mesmerising feature.