2017 is all about internationalization for Cerasarda, one of the most famous Italian ceramics manufacturers.

The “Ceramic company from the Emerald Coast” was the protagonist at the Maison&Object exhibition that took place in Paris during the month of January. The company, known worldwide for its cheerfully coloured glazes and refined decorations, showcased its most recent collection: Abitare la Terra.


The collection, first introduced during Cersaie 2016, is the result of years of experience, detailed study and continual monitoring of modern living trends by Maria Luisa Brighenti, designer and ceramist since the Eighties. Abitare la Terra stands out as an absolute innovation in modern design, and takes pride of place in the “Cerasarda Design” section.

Characterised by its materiality, harmonious chromatic tonalities enriched by contrasting colours and completely new decorative structures, Abitare la Terra is inspired by the warmth and generosity of Sardinia and is articulated in a wide range of modular formats to enable unlimited applications on both floors and walls, in response to an international market which is ever more attentive to the authenticity of materials as key to a truly contemporary lifestyle.