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Front door bears the identity of your home. It is the focal point of the design of your house, so it gathers the attention of others. Apart from creating a good impression on your guests and others, a quality front door is essential for serving the security purpose.

Quality Front Doors

Variety of Front Doors:

While choosing the front door of your house, you need to keep quite a few things on your mind since there are doors of various styles, designs and materials. Based on the materials, doors can be of three types –

Wooden Front Door - Wooden front doors are sturdy to serve the security purpose and pretty much appealing to serve the aesthetic purpose. It is the traditional form of the front door which is still very popular, but the wooden doors are expensive compared to the other materials and they require proper maintenance like painting and polishing from time to time otherwise they accumulate rust.

Fiberglass Front Door - These doors are durable and energy efficient and therefore they are gaining immense popularity in modern times. Fibreglass doors are beautiful to look at and available in various finishes. There is no maintenance hassle for these doors.

Fibreglass Front Door


Steel Front Door - The steel doors are sturdy, durable and energy efficient. It provides maximum security for your home. Based on the design and pattern there can be the following types of the front or exterior doors -

Sliding Patio Doors - This door operates more or less like a huge sliding window and keeps your home sunny and airy. These doors are available in different materials.

French Patio Doors - French patio front doors give your home a touch of elegance. Just like sliding patio doors, the French patio doors also come in a variety of materials.

Storm Doors - Storm doors are wonderful to look at and they are very secure and energy efficient. These doors are available in steel, vinyl and aluminium frames. The drawback of a storm door is its heaviness and expense.

Tips for Choosing Right Front Door for Your Home:

It is an overwhelming process through which the right kind of front door can be selected for the home as it has to be appealing, sturdy, secure and within your budget. Given below are the points which you need to consider before buying front doors –

Estimated Cost - Keep in mind the approximate price of the door that you wish to install and how much money will be required annually for its maintenance. Fixing a budget will enable you to select the door for your home without causing extravagance.

Protection - Check if the door you are selecting will provide you with complete security or not.

Material - The material of your entry door is a very important thing to consider since the performance of the door will highly depend on your choice of material.

Energy Efficiency - While choosing front doors, always go for the energy-efficient doors. They may apparently cost you more but in the long run, they will save money by saving the heating and cooling costs.

Style and Pattern - The door of your house has to serve the aesthetic purpose. Apart from that, it has to be suitable for your home in all aspects. Thus, the style and pattern is also a very important thing to consider when you are planning to buy a front door for your home.

At the end, it can be said, that investing on a good front door will surely be a wise decision.

But you just need to be cautious while selecting the doors as you seek sturdiness for ensuring durability and beautiful finish for the front door of your home.


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