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Timber is the natural renewable material that can be used for making the windows. Timber windows are eye candy and they are durable enough to last for a lifetime. We cannot ignore the environmentally friendly aspect of these windows. The timber-based windows use less energy while manufacturing as compared to the other materials on use. Thus nowadays, people are preferring timber as the material for making the window frames of their home.

Timber Window

Why Would You Select Timber Windows for Your Household?

As already mentioned above, timber based windows have many good features to draw our attention towards it. Here we will talk about some of the benefits of timber windows –

Negative global warming potential - The timber window frames are eco-friendly and bear negative global warming potential. It means that the more prolonged will be the service of the frames, the more amount of harmful CO2 will be diminished from the atmosphere as it absorbs this gas from the air.

Increased service life - The service life of the timber based windows is very impressive. It is a proven fact that they last at least two times more than the PVC windows. It lives up to the building standards specified in Australia.
Variety of styles and finishes - When it comes to innovative styles of timber made windows, you will definitely find ample of them which are mind-boggling. The finishes of these timber windows are equally varied, and they enhance the beauty of your home.

Lower maintenance - The timber made window frames require less maintenance and give a lasting performance. Even warranties are provided by some of the companies supplying timber goods to give the customers complete satisfaction.

Budget product - The timber frames are not too expensive. They come at a very handy price and last for a really long time. Thus, it is perfectly fit for everyone’s budget.

Security - Timber is a strong, renewable natural insulator which gives superb performance and security to your home.


Types of Woods Used in Timber Windows:

The woods used in timber windows are broadly divided into two categories like - Hardwood and Softwood.
Basically, hardwoods are derived from the broad-leaved, deciduous trees but 80% source of the total timber of the world comes from the softwoods. They also make an excellent window material choice like hardwood.

How to Select the Right Timber for The Windows:

If you are thinking of renovating your windows or manufacturing it for the first time, then the most important job is to select timber for it as the right kind of timber will give your windows strength, stability and durability. Below we will discuss different types of timber woods used for making of the timber windows –

Accoya - As per the timber durability chart, Accoya is extremely durable and works wonderfully under high pressure. They can sustain insect attack and remain rot free for a long time.

Siberian Larch - Larch is moderately durable that falls under the softwood timber. This is rot resistant just like Accoya.

European Redwood - Scandinavian Pine or Redwood is a stable timber, moderately resistant to rot.

Red Grandis - This is a hardwood timber grown in South America. This timber has great colour and evenness and thus appears to be attractive.

Sapele - This is a reddish-brown hardwood used for making timber windows. The fine graining of this wood makes it perfect for painting.

European Oak - It is very durable and thus in spite of being expensive it is preferred by people for making windows.


It can be concluded by adding that when you are using the energy efficient timber frame windows then directly or indirectly you are proving it to be beneficial for the world environment. The wellness of our environment gets ensured.


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