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The size and the design of our house represent our choice and needs and that is why we want to design it according to our preferences. No matter if it is a one-story or two-story building, the size and the design of your house should fulfil all your important aspects and it should give you comfort as well.

However, choosing a right double storey home designs plan can be a tedious and time-consuming task and here we can make the job easy for you by suggesting some useful tips in this article.

Double Story Home Design

The Size of Your Family

It is important to consider the size of the family and you should design the layout of the rooms according to the age and activities of your family members including children. If your children are young then you have to plan differently. It is better to keep the bedrooms and bathrooms attached, and you can choose the upper floor for your own use. Double storey buildings are mainly designed with two different floors and you can find one bedroom with attached bathroom and kitchen at the upper floor. But you can customize the same and include more rooms in your building plans.

Likewise, if you or your family member love eating and spend a noticeable amount of time in the kitchen, then you should consider a large kitchen area. A large kitchen area can be a good choice for double story home designs, as this will give you a good peace of mind to all your family members.

Plan for Your Guests

If you are planning to build a two-story house then you should prepare plans for the comfort of your guests. If you are among the people who always love to entertain guests, then you should dedicate some spaces for them.

An open floor living plan can be a good option if you want to spend some quality time with your guests. However, if you do not want to involve your guests in the private matter, you should adopt different double story home designs. In this case, you can design separate guest rooms in your building or you can just simply add a few rooms above the garage space for your guests.

Keep Spaces for Outdoor Living

You might have seen people keep spaces for outdoor activities in their two-story houses. You can include a porch, a swimming pool or any other facilities for outdoor activities. If you have enough spaces in your front or backyard, then you can utilize the area to decorate a playground for your children.

Likewise, if you are a party lover, then you can dedicate the open space in your double story home designs to organize parties whenever needed. This will definitely help you to save some money because you do not need to book any venue for your party.

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Conduct a Survey

This is one of the most important steps to consider before start working on your new home. You can talk to the local builders working on relevant projects in your area. Thus, get permission and pay a visit to such relevant projects to get some ideas.

You can search some buildings online to design your two storey house. Visit the websites and take note of everything you want. This will help you to choose a design you like. You can also visit those sites with your family to give them some ideas about double story home designs.

These are some of the factors you should consider before you think about building a two-story house. You can also talk to an architect who is an expert of single and double story home designs in your area for a better outcome.