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Window blinds are an exceptionally good choice for any space. These are not just amazing for their practical use but also work wonderfully in terms of privacy control, light shade and temperature regulations. If that wasn’t enough, window blinds are perfect for adding that ultimate pop of colour to your room, to style things up a notch.

Choosing that right colour for your window blind is tough but it can make a world of difference quite soon.

You are always in need of blinds, which can offer all kinds of functionalities designed for that unique space you have, and without hurting the aesthetic value and design motif of the place. Once you decide on the perfect colour your blinds, half of your work will be covered. Whether you are looking for that rustic look, refined or luxurious one, you have colours for all.

window treatment colours
Basics of window treatment colours

Whenever you are thinking about colours for blinds, you often think about the option, which can match the interior of the house. But, in case you are dealing with those windows, which are street faced, then the blinds might have an effect on exterior aesthetics of your place too. You can choose wood colour window blinds to give your home an aesthetic look. It will give you a natural look to your home.
For most of the homeowners, multiple sets of off-white or white blind can help in creating that uniform look on the façade of the place.

Then you have the traditional blinds which are effectively reversible, regardless of whether those are opened, closed or tilted. The same colour will then show inside and outside. So, you have to select the colour, which matches both the aesthetic values well.
Always remember that considering the inside of your place is not always enough when you are actually shopping for the perfect colour of the blind. You have to consider the exterior of the house too, mainly if you plan to install blinds in living spaces and front rooms.
Window shades in place of blinds can be a great choice for any scenario creation, where you want the different colour for inside and outside. These colours are mainly used for customizing in terms of exterior and interior colour.

Neutral and Pastel Colours
Neutral and Pastel Colours

White is mostly considered to be a neutral colour that comes with beige, tan and wooden colours. Pastels are mainly faded variations of some brighter blinds colours, and some examples over here are pinks, purples, greens and blues. Choose these preferred colours for blinds might cause to add that soft ascent to room without even drawing up too much of attention. Using the preferred pastel or neutral colours might also help in adding that level of the illusion of space, making it perfect for the smaller rooms. 

Going For The Bold Variations
Going For The Bold Variations

In case you are planning to bring warmth to your space, try adding bold colours to your blinds. These bold colours can also be used for shrinking down or even accenting windows in a room. Dark colours are designed to enclose spaces. On the other hand, you have rich primary colours, which can accent another décor in your place. No matter whatever the trim colour might be the bold blind can always add depth and interest if you can match it perfectly with the rest of design.

Go for the one you like

You might have to go through so many variations of colours in terms of blinds before choosing the right one. The final decision always remains on you, as it depends on your style and personality. So, end up selecting the colour, which matches your personality the most as you are using that on your window blinds only.


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