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Our bathrooms, like any other room in our homes, are made up of multiple visual objects and how the flow together: bathroom vanity, fittings, accessories and let's not forget the walls!

Compab has designed a complete bathroom vanity program that matches any wall covering solution, colour and texture you can think of. All the design components in your bathroom will be in sync with each other and the overall result of your bathroom renovation or bathroom styling will be a room that breathes.

The effects used in the B-go collection are mainly wood look, textured to the touch and with a clearly visible wood grain.

de-pict: The wood effect in contrast to a full coloured wall. A new way of interpreting colours and mixing materials. A rough plaster is attractive and sexy, a full height tiles wall is clever and modern, even more with the addition of a wood finish vanity to bring warmth and emotion to your bathroom.

de-cor: Digital and abstract illustrations in modern bathroom wall papers. Wall paper has evolved enormously and can now be safely used in wet areas and bathrooms. A clever combination of a wood finish vanity with an asymmetrical or a faithful reprodution of an artwork can give your bathroom the twist you are looking for.

de-sign: Our favourite section of the B-go bathroom vanity range. Neutral materials combine with the wood grain in the vanity in an eye-catching and disctinctive way. Minimal elegance and neutral colours to your bathroom.

B-go aims to free your emotions, your inner interior design desires, in order to feel whole and part of a harmonious world in which to be free to experiment.
A young, creative and dynamic bathroom vanity range where the wood effect, tactile and warm, is the protagonist. Finger pull doors and drawers as the main element of the collection.