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“If you’re dreaming alone, it’s just a dream. If you’re dreaming together, that’s when reality begins”.

This is the motto that inspired the Polesello brothers, and their two business partners, to ‘begin their reality’ in 1966, and found Maronese ACF.

Maintaining one’s roots while striving to innovate and progress is what the founders of Maronese prioritised above all, and that is shown and portrayed in their Living Area and Night Area designs.
Authentic quality woods such as oak, combined with modern decor finish for the living room, create a harmonious design in the stunning Scuderia Living collection.

The play with combinations of lacquered or mirror glass, harmonious proportions and variation of colours, which create a seductive palette of shades in a room, come together in the Plain Night Collection, establishing a continuous consonance among the décor elements.

For a more ‘chic’ bedroom design, the Wall Curvo collection offers curved ends and contours exclusively available in glossy or opaque lacquered colours. The shapes of these wardrobes assume an original sense of harmony, enhancing the sense of glamour. 

Whatever style and design you’re looking for, you’ll surely find your perfect fit amongst Maronese’s Living and Night furniture collections now in Byron Bay.