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Bossini SPA has been with us since the beginning of our Australian adventure and we are very thankful to them! We keep in stock a wide variety of Bossini Shower products such as Shower Heads, Hand Showers or the classic 2 in 1 Shower Slide Rails.


Shower Heads

A wide variety of shower heads, round or square and the outstanding super thin shower heads as well. These range of Bossini products include eco-friendly components that result in important water saving features. Of course, functionality, quality and aesthetics is a must for this great Italian company.

The shower heads you can find in our showroom in Byron Bay come with a wall arm or a vertical arm for ceiling installation.


Hand Showers

The wonderfully designed Bossini Hand Showers ensure the perfect aesthetic match to the shower heads and give your shower area a balanced and harmonious feeling.

Hand Showers are also designed with significant water saving features and eco-friendly materials.


Slide Rails Showers

The wall mounted, adjustable Shower Rails by Bossini are the perfect solution for quick renovations or small showers where you don't want to compromise your well-being. The shower heads are available in different sizes and shapes to match your bathroom style. A functional and elegant Slide Shower will give your shower a state of art technological look.


Come visit our showroom in Byron Bay to see all the possible solutions for your Shower area. The result will be a modern, nice looking shower area with the perfect water saving shower head.