Cipriano Italian Home Design is proud to announce the opening of a new showroom in Byron Bay exclusive to kitchen design.

We have partnered with Arrex, Le Cucine.

This Italian furniture company has been operating for over 40 years and its creations are present in the heart of millions of homes and families all over the world.

Arrex's design is all about comfort, wellbeing and pleasure in your kitchen and your home. From rustic, crafted kitchens to fitted modular kitchens, Arrex is one of the leaders in the market. In addition to solid wood Arrex also uses materials fruit of advanced technology: carbon, eco-cement, engineered stone, resin, etc.

The company boasts 50 different ranges in kitchen design and style with over 6000 different finishes and colours.

Visit our kitchen showroom in Byron Bay to discover this amazing Italian brand. We, at Cipriano Italian Home Design, are sure that your expectations and needs will be met.