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Not all of us have the same personality or the same taste when it comes to choosing the right bathroom vanity.

So, how do we choose the bathroom vanity that is perfect for us? Mobiltesino has found the answer to this question with its wide variety of shapes, colours and materials to satisfy all the needs.


Suite range: a bathroom with a retro soul. Vintage bathroom furniture, minimal and elegant, sober and harmonious. All vanities with a special vintage twist and modern technology.

The suite range, which we introduced to our blog when it was launched, redefines the meaning of luxury and it is the ideal solution for those who like clean lines and no sharp edges.


Luxor range: Contemporary bathroom vanity for those with clearer design ideas. Aesthetic and functionality are at the base of this bathroom vanity collection.

Luxor perfectly blends dynamism with shape and colour. A bathroom with strong character.


Velvet range: An eclectic bathroom vanity range for those with deep souls. Colours, shapes, patterns and free will. Velvet redefines the meaning of wood which is the absolute leading character of the whole collection.


Fly range: Minimalist but functional. Fly range is the perfect bathroom vanity for those interested in interior design. Clean lines, simple and neutral colours. The range is practical and modern and it has innovative solutions and materials.


Mobiltesino, with its wide catalogue, covers all tastes, colours and materials when it comes to bathroom vanity design. The variety offered reaches every type of personality and taste when choosing the perfect bathroom vanity.