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Marazzi has released Hello, a collection of subway tiles in one single size but with vibrant colours, different surfaces and several installation options.


Subway tiles have always been part of our lives. How is it possible that this simple, small tile still continues to be a successful asset for interior designers in the whole world? Marazzi has the answer with this collection: subway tiles have a contemporary and vintage charm. They are practical and suitable for many different rooms: from bathrooms to splashbacks, from residential to commercial, just to mention some.


Going back in history, subway tiles recall the classic brick size tiles used in the first metro and underground stations in London and New York. Apart from the classic size, another distinctive feature is their shiny surface with bevelled edges.

Today the use of these tiles has reached private homes and we see them in bathrooms and kitchens. We also see them used in pubs and bars with the classical vintage, retro’ look.


Hello, Marazzi’s subway tile range goes further ahead than the classical brick size tile with a wide range of bright and shiny colours in the standard 75x150 size. The potential of this size is big with many different installation options: traditional horizontal typical of brickwork, horizontal with aligned joints or geometrical or herringbone. The possibility of using either a contrasting or same colour grout will highlight or play down the pattern you choose.