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Modern bathrooms are increasingly personalized whereas in the past they were purely functional and simple. The design and feeling were cosy and reflected the style of the house but it was all done with one purpose in mind: practicality.


Today, bathrooms have become a place to be enjoyed and loved. Relaxation from a chromotherapy shower and well-being from a private spa are no longer considered as a luxury or extravagant but have become a must-have.

What we are saying is that in today’s bathrooms originality and comfort go hand in hand. Design your bathroom with your own personal touch. Here at Cipriano Italian Home Design, we can help you create your space based on your taste.

Did you know that last year bathrooms were the most renovated rooms in Australians houses? It’s not always necessary to go through a big bathroom reno though. Sometimes small changes such as bathroom accessories can make the difference!

We have a whole new range of Bathroom accessories in our showroom. Come visit us to know more.