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Feng Shui, one of the most ancient Chinese energy systems, carries with it so much information that, if you are able to interpret it correctly, it can help you have a better life in a more serene and peaceful environment.

Feng Shui indicates health and happiness and gives the architecture that surrounds us the importance of the wellbeing of each one of us.  By choosing the furniture and the bathroom distribution, for instance, we are able to create true harmony in our homes.

Feng Shui in the bathroom will turn it into a sanctuary of balance and serenity.


Let’s go over some tricks to have a Feng Shui bathroom:

  • Big windows to have as much as natural light as possible.
  • Bathroom vanities made out of natural materials. Such as the solid wood bathroom bench by Compab 
  • Attention to colours: mixing a bright turquoise tile like Pitrizza Cerasarda with a plain white or black tile will release positive energy in the room. We have all colour samples of these amazing Italian tiles in Byron Bay

You can translate these tips to any other room in your home and the energy will flow in such a positive and favourable way that you will feel more energetic and willing to tackle the day ahead!