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Cerasarda, which Prince Karim Aga Khan wanted in 1963 to honour the craftsmanship of the world famous Emerald Coast in Sardinia is not only about tiles but so much more as well.

The company expanded to not only incredible collections of Italian tiles you can see in Byron Bay but also to more sophisticated design objects and furnishing accessories that reinterpret, in a more contemporary key, Cerasarda ceramics.


Warm Mediterranean tones, refined decorations, high craftsmanship skills and cutting-edge technology combine to make the new collections by Cerasarda unique: Abitare la Terra.

The whole range is inspired by Sardinia, its colour and its millennial history.  The harsh and dark tones of the inland Barbagia region fade into the clear blue of the sea and the sky. The intense green of Sardinia’s nature melts into the blacks, whites and orange of its clays, underlining the eternal contrasts of the Island.


But this range is not only Italian tiles. It is composed of a great variety of design and furnishing accessories inspired by the ancient food bowls. Visit our showroom in Byron Bay to view this stunning range of Italian tiles.