What's happend in the world

The future is here and it has entered the world of design with a very important change: large format tiles.

New design, new shapes that result in a totally new expression coming from a massive technological evolution. The latest range by Century Italian tiles has embraced this new technology and developed the range Fire: an innovative tool the meets the most demanding technical and aesthetic needs going beyond the basic idea of a ceramic tile in Byron Bay.

Fire range means large format tiles: 1600x3200 or 1200x2400mm that allow for a continuous and flawless view. Fire range also guarantees high technical performance and qualitative standards of all the Italian tiles made by Fincibec Group.
Fire range is the future that becomes the present, a powerful tool to meet the needs of contemporary design, with sizes that are in harmony with people and the modern building design.

Large Slabs Benefits: 

Aesthetic Continuity: Less grout and lines on your floors or walls. The surface offers you a continuity effect.

Valorization of the material: Marble look tiles, stone or cement look tiles in Byron Bay are enhanced by large size, enriching the room.

Wide Usage: You can use large format tiles in their traditional way or you can create structures and objects that coordinate your room.

Fast and easy installation: Large format tiles are suitable for floor and walls with a unique piece covering a wider area meaning less cuts and waste.