Two of the main advantages of laminate flooring are its low maintenance and easy to clean features.

It is easier to clean laminate flooring than it is to clean parquet for instance. The main reason behind this is that laminate floorings have a higher resistance to stains and they are extraordinarily resistant to wear.
Year after year laminate flooring prove to be the right solution if you are looking for beauty and practicality. In other words, the best way of having a “timber floor” without worrying about maintenance, care or special attention.
However, even if easier and faster, laminate flooring needs to be cleaned an taken care of from time to time.

Just follow these steps and you’ll have a wonderful floor.

Cleaning right after laying out

This is the first cleaning that needs to be done. Let’s take a look at what Skema Laminate Flooring recommends for this crucial but underestimated step:
- Remove all dust with a vacuum cleaner.
- Remove obstinate stains with a soft damp cloth
- Remove glue, silicone, etc use synthetic diluent

Everyday cleaning of your laminate flooring

To remove everyday dust you can simply use a microfiber cloth. The more often you remove the dirt the easier it is. In this way, you won’t have obstinate stains on your laminate flooring.
You can also use a vacuum cleaner, it will not cause any sort of damage to your wood looking laminate flooring boards.

How to mop your laminate flooring

As we all know wooden flooring does not have a strong relationship with water that can cause wood fibers to increase in size and ruin your floor. The secret is to mop your laminate flooring in the right way so that there is no chance of it being ruined. The process is simple: just need a to use a well-wrung cloth.

In simple words:
- Do not throw water directly into your wood look laminate flooring
- Do not use soaked cloth
- Do not leave water, try to completely dry the surface

Which products are best to clean laminate floorboards

You don’t need to use very aggressive products on your laminate floorboards because they could ruin or affect the color of your floor. The best products are neutral ones you can find in any supermarket.
If you’d rather go natural then choose the classic white vinegar. Simply ad 60ml of white vinegar for every liter of water and your job is done!

Which products you should not use when cleaning your laminate floor

Laminate flooring is not afraid of getting wet. However, the following considerations are very important:

- Do not use a lot of water
- Do not throw water directly onto your laminate floor
- Do not use very hot water
- Do not use steam cleaning machines

There are some cleaning products you should avoid using as well:

- Do not use products with ammonia
- Do not use products with bleach
- Do not use abrasive cloth

As you can see it is very easy to keep your laminate flooring clean. Laminate flooring has been designed to be a practical solution, easy to handle, clean, and maintain.
In our showroom in Byron Bay, we have all the colors from Skema’s Living collection. You can be the interior designer of your space and have as a result a room when practicality is combined with beauty.