Mundilite, one of our latest additions, has sent us its 10 advantages of choosing a mineral resin Shower Tray.

In Europe, the trend is going towards Mineral Resin shower trays instead of the classic porcelain or acrylic shower tray. Let’s analyze together the reason why this is happening and also why Aussies should consider using Shower Trays instead of the classic tiles for their shower floor.

Resin shower trays are made out of a mixture of resins and minerals. These two components result in a more resistant product than the classic shower trays in acrylic or fiberglass. The waterproofing material of resin shower trays allows you to choose among different colors and textures: slate, limestone, natural stone, etc. This, in turn, allows Mundilite to have a wider selection, extra-flat shower trays, and even large shower trays.

Now, let’s consider the advantages and characteristics of choosing a Mineral Resin Shower tray for your bathroom reno:


More solid: Mineral resin shower trays are characterized by being one solid piece and providing that feeling only porcelain shower trays used to. You won’t have the awkward sensation of instability or fragility when stepping into your shower.


Made to measure: Mundilite manufactures made to measure shower trays. This is very practical to get the most out of your bathroom renovation saving time, preventing future waterproofing problems and leveling issues once you turn your shower on.


Warmer: Mineral resin shower trays will give you a warm and pleasant sensation. Forget about the cold and intense feeling of porcelain shower trays.


Non-slip surface: Resin shower trays have the highest score on the safety. Whether the finish you choose is rough or smooth, it will come with an anti-slip treatment, usually certified as Class 1. Even if you choose a grade 2 certification this is well above the values you get with any other shower tray. No more slipping in the shower!


Easy installation: The most important characteristic of Resin shower trays is that they already come with well-defined slopes. Your builder will only have to worry about leveling the area where the shower tray will be placed. As a result, you won’t have to worry about having a good water slope and drainage or water damages in the future. Installation is fast and easy to follow. You can even try it yourself!


Waterproof: Mineral Resin Shower Trays are completely waterproof. This, without any doubt, is a very important advantage with respect to shower trays made out of tiles for instance.


Easy to clean: Mineral Resin Shower Trays have a high level of resistance to cleaning chemicals. The fact that there is no grout on the floor makes it a lot easier and faster as well.


Excellent Quality/Price: One of the most important reasons when considering a bathroom renovation is keep everything within a limited budget. It is true that mineral resin shower trays could be more expensive than the classic ones but at the same time, the new technology used in the manufacturing is worth every cent. It will last forever!


Aesthetically awesome: So far we mentioned only technical reasons. What about aesthetics? Your bathroom will have an extra touch, an element of great impact and focal point and you will be the interior designer and creator of the look!


Mundilite offers a great variety of designs, colors, and textures. Also, they have an exclusive decorative range with zebras, circles or any other pattern you can think of.

Bring your bathroom to the XXI century with a Mineral Resin, personalized shower tray.