We can say that Lineabeta, one of the world's renowned Italian bathroom accessories companies that have accompanied us in our Australian branch, has seen the origins of modern bathrooms and has certainly contributed to their change.

They have committed themselves to transform our bathrooms from a simple room to a personal and intimate area where we can relax and rest.


Bathrooms have gone through an extraordinary transformation over the last fifty years. It is important that we also keep in mind the origin of the modern bathroom, or balneum in Latin, and the first testimonials of baths, sinks and private personal areas.


Did you know that the first recorded bath is in Palazzo di Knossos in Greece? And what about the shower? Some findings show that in ancient Greece and Egypt a shower technique was used.

Modern showers, on the other hand, have an official founding father: Merry Delabost. Dr. Delabost was working in a prison during 1872 and, in order to guarantee the prisoners’ hygiene, invented the instrument that today gives us so many beautiful moments.


Bathrooms have a social role

Going back to the evolution and change of our modern bathrooms, the most important change is the social aspect: from a sacred and almost rejected room to a place of social sharing and a renaissance.

Our bathrooms have become a very important place in our homes, a place to enjoy, relax and rest ourselves in. The shared moments of modern bathrooms are many: from brushing our teeth with our kids or our partners to getting ready to go out with friends.



It is in this renaissance that Lineabeta Italian bathroom accessories defines itself as a central key and not a simple spectator. Thanks to the “everyday design” motto and the continuous research and development, Lineabeta’s products aim to create a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in our bathrooms space.