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Abitare la Terra, just as we mentioned in our previous article, is an innovative project by Cerasarda that aims to maintain the flavor and tradition of the Emerald Coast ceramics.  


Cerasarda, since its opening in 1963, is recognized by the international ceramics market for its style, materials, decorations and the unique and exclusive Mediterranean aesthetics. Cerasarda design and Abitare la Terra range intend to develop new projects that combine the island’s historical identity together with the needs of the modern world.


The range is inspired by the warm and generous island of Sardinia and gives birth to an exclusive collection of tiles (Italian porcelain tiles or wall tiles) with great harmonious chromatic hues enriched by a contrasting colour range and exclusive textures. The range has 26 different tones and 10 different colors.

The range also comprises different sizes which will allow you countless possible solutions for your floor tiles or wall tiles.


You can find more information here


You can feel and breath the magic of Sardinia and the heritage of its ancient traditions through this magnificent range.