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Lineabeta Bathroom Accessories

Lineabeta: A long story of success and innovation


Colourful, young, fresh, unconventional and simple all at the same time. These characteristics of Lineabeta should be part of your thought process when looking for the right bathroom accessories.

Their motto “Everyday Design” highlights the path that this Italian-born company has been following for the last thirty years: an idea of flexible, comfortable and functional bathrooms. Live the “Everyday Life” in the most simple and spontaneous way.  


Lineabeta bathroom accessories and furniture have entered public and private spaces in a variety of ways. All different in style, taste, and function but linked to the everyday life of the everyday human.

A look at the most intimate and private side of different people, from the enthusiastic entrepreneur to the eccentric dj or the eclectic artist, from the young couple with children to the fanciful illustrator discovering how each one lives the Lineabeta product in his or her own way. This has led to the reinterpretation of the product to fully understand that everyone in their own space wants to feel good, easy and at home whilst at their most vulnerable.

Lineabeta bathroom accessories collections’ names are inspired by the Venetian dialect (Venessia, Ranpin, Saon). The materials used vary from glass to brass going through ceramics and steel.

IPF Timber Floor

Timber floors can be a practical solution for both renovations and new buildings, even for those with a small budget that don’t want to give up the charm and warmth that timber offers.

The various varieties of timber floors are divided by the thickness of the noble wood, essence, size, type and laying options. IPF is an Italian leading name for high quality wood flooring and their collections include from solid wood to two or three layers with a top layer of approx. 4mm in each collection.


With a production 100% made in Europe, IPF collections are characterised by their exclusive treatment applied by hand, board after board by their craftsmen. At the same time, and in order to appeal to every budget, IPF has developed the Smartsolution Range with an accessible price without compromising quality and finish.


You are more than welcome to visit our showroom in Byron Bay where you’ll find all IPF timber floor collections and samples.

Smartsolutions: Happy Hour, Barrique, Fusion, Antique Oak Collection UV and Oil, Lounge UV and Art and Marco Polo. All these collections answer contemporary market demands, keeping quality and design as their primary focus.


Timber floors have a unique and natural appearance, you won’t find two boards that are the same. Solid wood floors have a long lasting life since they can last up to 100 years installed and in perfect conditions.

Timber floors are not only nice to see but they also give a good feeling when touching them. When walking on a timber floor, for instance, you will never notice cold or hot. In fact, timber floors offer an excellent insulation and absorb acoustic vibrations.


Hatria's Valley sit-on basin

Hatria proudly introduces its newest sit-on basin: Valley.

Valley is the result of the collaboration with Mario Alessiani Studio. This world-class design studio believes in honouring material and process. The design is simply a tool to emphasize characteristics, interaction and shapes.


Valley is a ceramic sit-on basin. The concept behind this project goes against the usual or standard line of reasoning: it starts with ceramics as a solid material simply complying with a function in a gentle way and no longer ceramics as a moldable surface with a shape to fulfil a job. The basin is a reflection of an excavated rock and a contrast between the geometry and the organic shape of a basin.


Mario Alessandri, after studying industrial design, moved to Rome to study at the European Institute of Design (IED). After working for Giulio Patrizi in Italy and for Jake Phipps in London, he opened his own studio and began working with various national and international companies.

Mario Alessandri’s motto is “making things functionally beautiful”, this final goal is achieved working thoroughly each detail, material and design idea and we’re able to see it in Hatria’s Valley sit-on basin.

Globo Display Washbasin

One of the main characteristics of Ceramica Globo has always been its relationship with aesthetic and technological solutions. The company has been working since its beginning with worldwide famous designers and architects. In fact, the new collection range ‘Display’ is the result of the collaboration with the Danish duo GamFratesi.

The newest line is made up of two wall hung wash basins of 91 and 71cm with a depth of 51cm and two sit-on washbasins of 75 and 65 cm with a depth of 40cm. In both cases, the basin is located on the left-hand side with a large countertop on the right.


The concept is completed by four trays that fit inside to place bathroom accessories and the aesthetic peculiarity of the overflow, which plays an important role in the defining the design of the whole collection.

You can also complete your bathroom with Globo's toilet range. Check them out!

Evoluzioni Ceramiche

Evoluzioni Ceramiche represents an idea, a new project in the world of ceramics.

It is the evolution of the classic and exclusive concept in the ceramic industry... a renewal project to meet all segments in the market, with elegant floor and wall ceramic tiles accessible to all.


Evoluzioni Ceramiche is the answer to the passion of three professionals together with an established entrepreneur of the ceramics industry driven by the conviction that “Evolution” is always possible.

They are a concrete commitment to quality and creativity inspired by fashion and market trends.


Humility, responsibility, teamwork, creativity and love for ceramics are some of the values that push Evoluzioni Ceramiche to meet the needs of all customers, always trying to strike a balance between quality, design and best price.

Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design shares Evoluzioni Ceramiche view and is proud to introduce this company to the Australian market.

We stock some of the collections in our Byron Bay office, you can check them out here:


Evoluzioni Ceramiche Collections


You’ll find awesome prices with a great quality!