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Abitare la Terra by Cerasarda

Abitare la Terra, just as we mentioned in our previous article, is an innovative project by Cerasarda that aims to maintain the flavor and tradition of the Emerald Coast ceramics.  


Cerasarda, since its opening in 1963, is recognized by the international ceramics market for its style, materials, decorations and the unique and exclusive Mediterranean aesthetics. Cerasarda design and Abitare la Terra range intend to develop new projects that combine the island’s historical identity together with the needs of the modern world.


The range is inspired by the warm and generous island of Sardinia and gives birth to an exclusive collection of tiles (Italian porcelain tiles or wall tiles) with great harmonious chromatic hues enriched by a contrasting colour range and exclusive textures. The range has 26 different tones and 10 different colors.

The range also comprises different sizes which will allow you countless possible solutions for your floor tiles or wall tiles.


You can find more information here


You can feel and breath the magic of Sardinia and the heritage of its ancient traditions through this magnificent range.

Resina by Casalgrande Padana

Marco Piva, the well-known Italian architect, and interior designer explores a new side of ceramics with Casalgrande Padana new range Resina.

This Italian ceramics range is characterized by accents of light, a texture that revokes the all-time classic plastering and homogeneous neutral colors that will last forever. The experimental approach of Marco Piva results in a continuity never seen before in a tile range: it goes beyond the modularity of tiles and expands the potential of ceramics to a brand new level with new design opportunities.

The Resina range, signed by Casalgrande Padana, boasts exceptional technical features. The range has been designed specifically for interior designers and architects wishing to provide the space with a new metropolitan and fluid mood seen in ex-industrial buildings. The supporting ideas of the whole Italian porcelain stoneware range are continuous surfaces, uniformity of tones and materials. The result, hence, is a new interpretation of dimensions going beyond the size of the tile itself.


The minimalist appearance of the tiles surface conveys a sense of sobriety and modernity. The accents of light and its shades evoke the texture and qualities of resin making the floor unique. Imperfections and differences become an added value, a sophisticated aesthetic language enclosing material, light, and color.

The Resina tile collection by Casalgrande Padana will help you achieve the bold and simple style you wish. At the same time, you’ll grant your space with a strong sense of identity and a minimalist mood. The combination of materials and finishes will blend perfectly resulting in a single idea. Timeless neutral, warm tones blend with your space heightening its character and continuity.

Berloni Moove

Space is constantly moving, versatility and design concept go hand in hand. This new bathroom vanity range, 100% Italian design, comes with functional pull out accessories and introduces discrete solutions with the natural and contemporary nuances that characterize Berloni.


Thanks to smart accessories such as movable laundry baskets or makeup storage drawers, it's very easy to keep our bathroom clean and tidy for a longer time. All the space you need.

The Moove range allows you to arrange your own spaces and create new ones in a simple and original way.


The range dimensions go from 600mm to 1050, with the options of two drawers or one drawer plus the always handy open space. The vanity tops come in ceramics or mineral with a matt and gloss version.

Cersaie 2017

Cipriano Italian Bathroom & Home Design is proud to visit this year as well the Cersaie, the world famous international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom industry, held in Bologna every year since 1983.


Year after year the exhibition has become larger and with more companies willing to participate, share their products and present innovations to the international market. The exhibition is, without doubt, the world’s leading stage to showcase the ceramic industry and also a showcase for technological innovation and evolution.


Some of the BIG ceramic names participating are Marazzi, Sant’Agostino, Casalgrande Padana among more than other 500 Italian companies. The companies come from all over Italy, however, most of them are concentrated in the area of Sassuolo, the heart of the tile industry.
To these companies, more than 200 bathroom furniture companies also participate and present new models, materials and future designs for vanity blocks and bathroom styling.

Bati Orient

Originally from Fez in Morocco, the Zelliges are mosaic tiles of enameled terra cotta. They are traditionally found in ancient buildings such as mosques and palaces. In fact, they have been produced following the same process since the 12th century. Nowadays these mosaics are a “must-have” of interior decoration.


Indeed it is the cooking of the zellige mosaic that reveals all the aesthetic characteristics and charm of this product. Cracks, blisters, and flakes that create relief and different depths and bring a natural and authentic touch to the most modern decorations. The clay from gives this highly nuanced tile even from one piece to the other a unique incomparable look.


Bati Orient prides itself in following and respecting antique techniques. At the same time, they have improved the traditional manufacturing process of traditional Zellige to make them more accessible and easier to install. The new zellige mosaic tiles are designed for bathrooms decorations or kitchen splashbacks and adapt to contemporary and traditional decorating styles.


The aesthetic features of zellige mosaics offer the finished area of your house a distinctive and decorative quality. By using the most simple formats and by combining them with an original range of colors or stone looking tiles, these indoor decorations will provide an intense and modern atmosphere.