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Skema Laminate Flooring

Two of the main advantages of laminate flooring are its low maintenance and easy to clean features.

It is easier to clean laminate flooring than it is to clean parquet for instance. The main reason behind this is that laminate floorings have a higher resistance to stains and they are extraordinarily resistant to wear.
Year after year laminate flooring prove to be the right solution if you are looking for beauty and practicality. In other words, the best way of having a “timber floor” without worrying about maintenance, care or special attention.
However, even if easier and faster, laminate flooring needs to be cleaned an taken care of from time to time.

Just follow these steps and you’ll have a wonderful floor.

Mineral Resin Shower Tray

Mundilite, one of our latest additions, has sent us its 10 advantages of choosing a mineral resin Shower Tray.

In Europe, the trend is going towards Mineral Resin shower trays instead of the classic porcelain or acrylic shower tray. Let’s analyze together the reason why this is happening and also why Aussies should consider using Shower Trays instead of the classic tiles for their shower floor.

Resin shower trays are made out of a mixture of resins and minerals. These two components result in a more resistant product than the classic shower trays in acrylic or fiberglass. The waterproofing material of resin shower trays allows you to choose among different colors and textures: slate, limestone, natural stone, etc. This, in turn, allows Mundilite to have a wider selection, extra-flat shower trays, and even large shower trays.

Now, let’s consider the advantages and characteristics of choosing a Mineral Resin Shower tray for your bathroom reno:


More solid: Mineral resin shower trays are characterized by being one solid piece and providing that feeling only porcelain shower trays used to. You won’t have the awkward sensation of instability or fragility when stepping into your shower.


Made to measure: Mundilite manufactures made to measure shower trays. This is very practical to get the most out of your bathroom renovation saving time, preventing future waterproofing problems and leveling issues once you turn your shower on.


Warmer: Mineral resin shower trays will give you a warm and pleasant sensation. Forget about the cold and intense feeling of porcelain shower trays.


Mobiltesio Bathroom Vanities Made in Italy

Mobiltesino launched its new bathroom vanity range: Suite

The new Italian style bathroom vanity blends in all the elements in your bathroom and it’s the perfect result of Mobiltesino’s skills, studies, and traditions. In a few words, the vanity range is minimal, elegant, sober, harmonious with an exquisite retro twist. It would perfectly fit your bathroom reno whatever style you’re after!

Suite, bathroom vanity range, stands out for its straight, elegant lines and clean aesthetics. The range introduces a new concept in the bathroom vanity market: sweet and refined luxury.

First quality materials, refined and delicate finishes, no sharp edges and the pedestal in solid wood have been designed to follow the natural shape of the basin. Suite bathroom vanity range is definitely an excellent choice.

Suite by Mobiltesino: because small details matter

With its new bathroom vanity collection Suite, Mobiltesino confirms its global vision: a design-oriented bathroom where the concept of Made in Italy is synonymous with high-quality materials and particular attention to small details. It is possible to visualize the idea behind the bathroom vanity range in the styling and creation of a comfortable bathroom environment aimed at wellness and self-care.

Marazzi Grand Carpet

The Grand Carpet range by Marazzi is the result of Marazzi’s Augmented Surface project and product of the amazing and creative minds of Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. Through this range, t is possible to view the extent and not yet fully explored decorative potential of Italian porcelain stoneware.

The inspiration of this high quality Italian tile range is an antique Persian carpet that has been worn out over years resulting in a different identity and unique pattern. Small pixels with varying colour hues printed on big size porcelain tiles 1200x2400 create a single large pattern that can be repeated but it is intensely different at the same time. Smoke and Sand are the two colour shades Grand Carpet whole range is composed of. 6 big size tiles 1200x2400 with only 6mm thickness make up the whole range.

In the words of the creators and architects Citterio and Veil, their original approach to large porcelain slabs is “easy to handle and creative in its surface finishes, a characteristic not found in any other engineered material”

It is possible to use these Italian porcelain slabs to cover horizontal and vertical surfaces, indoor and outdoor in both, residential and commercial locations. Endless uses just as endless possibilities.

Lineabeta Italian Bathrooms Accessories

We can say that Lineabeta, one of the world's renowned Italian bathroom accessories companies that have accompanied us in our Australian branch, has seen the origins of modern bathrooms and has certainly contributed to their change.

They have committed themselves to transform our bathrooms from a simple room to a personal and intimate area where we can relax and rest.


Bathrooms have gone through an extraordinary transformation over the last fifty years. It is important that we also keep in mind the origin of the modern bathroom, or balneum in Latin, and the first testimonials of baths, sinks and private personal areas.


Did you know that the first recorded bath is in Palazzo di Knossos in Greece? And what about the shower? Some findings show that in ancient Greece and Egypt a shower technique was used.

Modern showers, on the other hand, have an official founding father: Merry Delabost. Dr. Delabost was working in a prison during 1872 and, in order to guarantee the prisoners’ hygiene, invented the instrument that today gives us so many beautiful moments.