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Exclusive Bathroom Vanity Collections

GB Group, the expert in Bathroom Vanities and furniture, has expanded their range by introducing four new collections that will simply "blow your mind". 

The collections cater to every single person out there! If you are after a special, out of the ordinary and exclusive vanity for your bathroom reno, then you will find it in one of these four bathroom vanity collections:

The collection comes with several options regarding lenght, a single height and so many finishing options.
The big drawer has integrated finger pull. Precious and unique elements. The vanity is made exclusively for you and one at a time. Haute couture charm and unique character.

If you are after texture in your bathroom them you have it! The beauty and lux of the textured fronts in the main characteristic of this bathroom vanity collection.
Six geometrical patterns, from diamond shapes to elegant stripes, and a wide variety of finishes and colours.
Stylish details in chrome and gold are the final and stunning detail of the collection.

Globo Thin Edge Sit-on Basin

The T-Edge range by Globo has grown and is now composed of 14 different washbasins in the wall-hung or sit-on version.

There are two very important factors in the collection, first, its super thin edges 6mm thanks to the patented and exclusive ceramic mixture Glbobothin. The second factor of the thin edge T-Edge basin collection is that all the basins come in the 14 different Globo colours.

The basins are characterised by a ceramic drain flush with the basin surface, almost invisible.

The range has had an excellent market acceptance and we at Cipriano in Byron Bay stock many of these lovely basins designed by CreativeLab+ for Globo.

FAP Ceramiche - Manhattan Range

Gloss small tiles, retro' accessories in the bathroom and kitchen, industrial chic style ... there is no doubt that vintage style interior design is dominating 2018.


However, it is not a simple vintage furniture trend as any other, it is sophisticated style, thought-after and cared for in every single detail. It is a reference to the past with modern technology. It is a combination of shapes, colours and accessories that convey a retro taste with a modern twist.


Some of the elements in the vintage interior design trend we are seeing are velvet armchairs with its eccentric and luxurious feeling or classic design bathroom accessories as styling elements accompanying the old time classic subway tiles. This new wave of vintage style is characterised by figures of timeless beauty that have been a part of every home for the past 50 / 60 years but now have new technology and design to make our lives more comfortable.

Concrete Looking floor

Our clients know that the ranges of Evoluzioni Ceramiche tiles we stock in Byron Bay are able to satisfy all ranges of market and budget with elegant and stylish floor tiles.


The Emotion range, for example, with their concrete look finish and their simple aesthetics will match any style you're looking to give your home without taking any protagonist role to the rest of your styling.

The concrete looking tile is a trend we will continue to see this year as well. This finish reminds us of the industrial look and a modern design. Big areas, black metal details and simple lines.


Renovate your home and make that dream come true. Plan, design, explore our collections and find the design that suits the character you'd like to bring to your everyday living spaces.


Laundry storage solutions in Byron Bay

In Italy, up to 80 years ago, you could still see women washing their family’s clothes in public areas. Much has been done since then and now the laundry is that useful space we find inside our homes. It is thus necessary to think about its design and styling of your laundry.


We no longer spend so much time washing and drying our clothes, that is true. At the same time, the whole washing process has become more complex due to so many different canvas materials and delicate items of clothing.


Compab has an entire laundry solution range that will give your laundry the stylish look you desire. A laundry with enough space for storage in an ordered, practical and secure way. A laundry design so efficiently and so customisable that you’ll have enough room for your washing machine, shoe cupboard and so many other options.


Great efficiency in a small space. You can visit our showroom in Byron Bay to find out more!