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Roller Blinds Online

Roller blinds online have become a sensation of the present in the field of window furnishings for their easy way to operate and affordability in price. These blinds are best when you want to control or block the light in your home.

Purchasing regular necessities online is quite a common phenomenon these days, but there are things you must be careful of while making purchases in the web market. Besides, wondering about issues of quality and durability, one also wonders about reliability – you cannot hit the web market, asking for a replacement or a repair once things turn out not so well! There are so many types of roller blinds available in the market like electrical roller blinds, duo roll blinds and silhouette roller blinds. 

FAP Brooklyn, unique subway tile

According to Houzz, the design platform that attracts more than 40 million people all over the world, the bathroom has been one of the most renovated rooms in our homes.

New and out-of-the-ordinary bathroom vanities are in trend at the moment since more and more young people look to express their personality and taste and not stick to the classic white, square vanity. Modern technology gives them the chance of joining their aesthetic desire with practicality and easy to clean features.
We stock new and stunning vanities that can give your bathroom renovation and design idea the spin you are after!

At the same time, we also know that finding the perfect tile for your bathroom can be a daunting process. Among all the subway size tiles you find, Brooklyn by FAP Ceramiche answers all of your questions. 

Brookly by FAP is a range characterised by a very singular interpretaion of the subway tile or brick-effect wall tile. The size, 75x300mm, is ideal to have a bathroom with a vintage and metropolitan mix at the same time. 

It is the perfect size and style to be used in any room of your home actually, from a feature wall in your kitchen to your splashback!

Unique Bathroom Vanities

Our bathrooms, like any other room in our homes, are made up of multiple visual objects and how the flow together: bathroom vanity, fittings, accessories and let's not forget the walls!

Compab has designed a complete bathroom vanity program that matches any wall covering solution, colour and texture you can think of. All the design components in your bathroom will be in sync with each other and the overall result of your bathroom renovation or bathroom styling will be a room that breathes.

The effects used in the B-go collection are mainly wood look, textured to the touch and with a clearly visible wood grain.

de-pict: The wood effect in contrast to a full coloured wall. A new way of interpreting colours and mixing materials. A rough plaster is attractive and sexy, a full height tiles wall is clever and modern, even more with the addition of a wood finish vanity to bring warmth and emotion to your bathroom.

de-cor: Digital and abstract illustrations in modern bathroom wall papers. Wall paper has evolved enormously and can now be safely used in wet areas and bathrooms. A clever combination of a wood finish vanity with an asymmetrical or a faithful reprodution of an artwork can give your bathroom the twist you are looking for.

Sant'Agostino Italian tiles in Byron Bay

Patchwork is a tile collection in small, vintage sizes created to be used in residential and commercial spaces.
The collection is divided into 5 different sections: Black&White, Classic, Colors, Metrosign and Pictart.

Through their colour combination and reinterpretation of tradition, Sant'Agostino represents the old-classic encaustic tiles in a contemporary and modern key.

This range, with its different shades of greys, blacks and whites emphasizes a floor tile classic.
Encaustic tiles have always been used in prestigious buildings as they guarantee quality and durability together with a unique and stunning look. Well then, imagine the look of an encaustic tile developed with the latest and state of the art technology.

Aesthetically Perfect Shower Enclosures

Free your imagination, think of the aesthetics, smooth sliding lines, get the light in the shower area with SAMO frameless shower enclosures.

A line without frame where the glass is appreciated in all its vibrant transparency. The elegance is embellished by the technological and aesthetic finesse of its almost non-existent edge.

You can choose from a wide range of different models with hinged or saloon doors, for corner spaces, niches, in combination with the fixed wall or not, and even in the round corner version.

You can lift the bottom part of the doors for an easy clean. Anticipating trends and introducing new designs is one of Samo's Italian shower enclosures goals.