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MARAZZI EVOLUTIONMARBLE Wall Tile Golden Cream / Bronzo Amani 32.5x97.7


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MARAZZI EVOMARBLE White Body Wall Tile Decoro Golden Cream / Bronzo Amani 32.5x97.7 rectified thick 0.6mm

Evolutionmarble, tiles for bathroom wall coverings, reinterprets the purity and essentiality of marble in a modern style. It’s a collection of 6 shiny marbles with striped structures, geometric and damask patterns as well as elegant and sophisticated colours. Consisting of a white monoporosa body on a structured and porcelain stoneware base, Evolutionmarble has been designed for interior residential floors and coverings.

Formats available: 32,5x97,7

Mosaic 32x32, Decor Greca Silver 12x32, Decor Greca Gold 12x32, Connection 0x32, Rise 15x32

Colours: Bronzo Amani, Calacatta Oro, Golden Cream, Onice, Tafu, White Rhino

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